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Thread: How aggressive is too aggressive

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    Quote Originally Posted by marriard View Post
    Pickoffs and throwdowns are situational and the catcher needs to understand this. I am going to care less if our catcher can explain they thought it was a good idea even if they airmail it. "Coach, I tried the pickoff/throwdown because...". You do it for a reason - if they made a bad decision we can talk about it and they gain experience on when it is a go/no go. If they are just throwing down for the sake of throwing down - that does not fly.

    For example - not a complete list


    - We ALWAYS try a pickoff on the first pitch after we give up a first baserunner. We show off the cannon, show we are willing and look to keep the baserunners just a little hesitant. A small pause is the difference between a go/no go or a caught stealing. I have seen teams totally give up on baserunning once they see our catcher throw this once.
    - When we are up or down 5
    - When there is only a runner on 1st and she is asking for it.
    - After a leadoff triple or a runner on third with no outs and we are down or up 2. The runner is likely scoring, so it is worth a shot or two even if she scores on a bad throw.
    - Throw directly to SS if the runner on 2nd is taking a big lead because no one is covering 2nd base bag (we scare runners and get outs with this)
    - If the coach says to.. there should be a sign to go after someone. There shoudl also be a quick throw to pitcher and pickoff sign for the pitcher to make the play
    - On steal threats taking big leads
    - On slow girls who are leading more than they should
    - If my corners are good, I get more aggressive in throwing down.

    - In close games that are half over I am not throwing down to third and hesitating to 1st unless there is a real chance of an out
    - If there is ZERO chance of getting an out. Wasting time with risk, not good.
    - Unless planned, after a failed bunt where SS is covering 3rd
    - On a 1st/3rd steal with a fast runner on 3rd (though our catchers have big arms and we will often go for a caught stealing/throw home double play and we have bats so sometimes an out for a run isn't a bad thing early in games or if we are up big)
    This is good! Thank you. She has a great arm and generates outs, so I hate to shut it down completely.

    A sign is a good idea!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bss09 View Post
    This is good! Thank you. She has a great arm and generates outs, so I hate to shut it down completely.
    A sign is a good idea!
    Oh yeah, throw down aggressively - just a matter of knowing when the risk is worth it. No one without truly elite speed runs on our teams - HS or Travel. Our catchers are beasts and they are going to make sure you know it - and know it early in the game. They LOVE the first baserunner/pickoff opportunity.
    "60 feet, turn left"

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    DD loves the pick off at 3rd. When she has a 3b she really trusts, she's way more likely to do it. I always get a little worried when the 3b isn't used to it. Pretty sure HC has a sign or # for it as well. But she will do it if she sees the runner leading off too much.

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    With our 14U team all pick off calls come from the dugout.

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