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Thread: First Week of HS Coaching Complete

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    Default First Week of HS Coaching Complete

    DD1 may be the youngest V head coach in the league and county. Her journey here has been full of highs and lows and Im very proud. Assistant AD told me yesterday I should be a proud mama. Shes doing exactly what they wanted - college level practices, keeps it moving, full of content. Shes lost no one so far and has a lot of freshman to teach, evaluate and also keep two travel players engaged (including her sister). Shes already got encouraging messages from a couple parents. Shes been blessed with a first job in her field that allows her to do this. Its not going to be easy - and Im not sure what the grandparents are going to be like on game days (they usually sit by 3B) - but today Im proud of the woman shes becoming and thankful shes giving back to the sport and school she loves.

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    Congrats! Beware the politics.

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