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Thread: Monday brag 11-13-17

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    Default Monday brag 11-13-17

    We played a 3-game friendly and I can't think of one single thing to brag about. It was bad. Someone else say something now.
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    Finished up our rec EOS tournament this weekend..
    First two games they played Mon and Wed of last week were pretty easy. DD had 18 K's over those two games.
    Saturday we had to win to make it to the championship but this was against a team whose pitcher is probably the best our girls have faced. They've struggled against her for years and I think they have a mental block since she also plays TB. We could not hit against her and were doing really badly fielding. DD only had 3 K's in 3 innings. They shut us out 11-0. It was not pretty but pretty much expected.

    Sunday we had to beat the other team in our association who has beaten us every time we've played them this season. Two really good pitchers (another one who plays TB) who our girls struggle with. We had gotten close one game earlier and only lost 7-8 so there was a chance we could win.
    Started out great and were up 7-2 in the 4th - but then had a really bad inning and allowed 5 for them to tie it up. Next inning we got 4 more so we were up 11-7 going into the 6th.
    They were able to get 3 and it was 11-10 with 1 out and girls on 2nd and 3rd. DD was able to strikeout the next batter. Finally got the next girl to groundout and ended up winning 11-10. Had to face the same team that crushed us in the championship and still lost 2-13 but at least we got some runs this time.
    TBH, beating the other team in our association was really what our coach wanted

    DD had a pretty good season. Had a lot of strikeouts (49 in 29 innings) for not taking a pitching lesson in over a year and had a pretty good CS% for the season as well. Only struck out 3 times (all three to TB pitchers) and had the most RBI's on the team.
    Now time for basketball...

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    DD's had her last game for the fall.

    She was her team's #2 pitcher. Yesterday she was called on to close out the game after the #1 pitcher was struggling.

    She was cruising along until her last batter, who is one of the most feared hitters in DD's league. She worked the count full, fouling off a lot of good pitches. Then Coach called for a CU even though DD has been struggling with it. And DD threw a beauty. It came in looking high and then just died as it dropped into the strike zone.

    It was such a great end to her season. And now we have her volleyball EOS tournament and winter basketball!

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    DD team play in the red(A)bracket winter world series. She came in the 2nd inning on her first game and recorded 6ks in 3 innings. First day of playing, they went undefeated. Also 2 of our players got injured. 1 of our outfielders got a ball hit to her head. She didn't have a concussion but didn't feel good the next day. Our other catcher hurt her knee as she stepped on the bag wrong going to first. She was out as well. So going into 2nd day, we lost our best hitter and our 2nd fastest girl who bunts real well. They lost 1-2 and 0-1 and finished in 3rd place. Overall, the girls did great. Our 3rd pitcher got to pitch some in pool games and my dd and other pitcher did great all tournament. Our defense made some great plays. 3rd baseman made a running dive catch off of a bunt that went high for an out. Our catcher caught every balls that popped up in her area. shortstop made a diving tag to get a runner out.
    The biggest error was from my dd at 2nd base when she jumped up to snag a hard hit ball. She got it at the end of her glove but ended up dropping it after trying to get control, allowing the runner to advance to 3rd base.
    The team that beat us 0-1 end up winning the tournament. After 3 innings of not being able to hit our pitching, half of the girls switched to slapping. The switch of offense paid off for them. Championship game, they went in swinging hard, winning 13-3.

    On a side note:This fall season has been great(so far still has 3 more tournaments). After finishing this tournament, DD had a win-loss record(including all pool games) of 35-6 between playing with 2 different teams. She went 4 tournaments with only 3 runs scored against her combined.
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    DD went 6/8 at the plate. Pitched 9 innings out of 4 games. Won the two she pitched. 5k's, too many walks but now we know what we gotta work on....she has grown physically, mentally, and as a young lady over the last 6 months. I'm scared and excited to see what the next year brings. Like others have said, I'll just have to enjoy the ride.

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    DD played in a Fall College Exposure day Saturday - caught about 9 or 10 innings over 3 1/2 timed games. It was like playing pick up games with players all shuffled and D I, II and III coaches did the actual coaching. DD was solid behind the dish but really impressed me with her pitch calling - which she doesn’t do on her travel team - but got to know her pitchers fast and made them look super good. Two hits and stolen a base (one of two I saw in the day). Completely nervous though at the plate a struck out the other at bats which was unusual. D I coach interacted with her, umpire complimented her for a play she made in RF. Good day and hopefully a confidence booster for her next event or clinic.

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    DD was raking all weekend. Over 5 games she only got out once on a very questionable strike call that looked low and well outside.

    She also put one pitch over a 220' fence that was also 20' high. Got absolutely everything of a 2-0 pitch and deposited it to absolute dead center. I have it on video, but it needs to be edited because I said something NSFW when it came off the bat. It was a total bomb.

    Oh she also pitched 2 wins, 2 saves. Gave up 2 Earned runs over 12 innings.

    And she played SS just to top it off when she wasn't pitching.
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    Daughter's team played in tournament and went 4-1 with a 1 run loss in the championship game. Due to unexpected situations that occurred in games where we thought we could get a lead and pull daughter out, she ended up pitching more than usual. She handled it well and ended up with 17 innings, 4 wins one no decision in the champ game). She threw 236 pitches for with 180 of them strikes. Struck out 28, gave up 3 walks, gave up 10 hits. Gave up 8 runs but only 2 were earned. Really like these stats - got 14 of the lead off batters out and threw an average of 3.37 pitches/batter. She was pitching well in the championship game but she was tired. Gave up a couple of good hits to opposite field and a couple of errors got us in the hole but the team fought back from 4-1 to tie it 4-4 in the bottom of the inning. Pitcher who came in did great and almost got us through unscathed if it weren't for a extremely close play at the plate on a throw from center that the catcher appeared to have tagged in time but the umpire missed.

    At the plate she batted .714 going 5/7 with a 4 hits and a triple, 4 rbi and 3 walks.

    Was a great tournament and although they lost in the championship they'll get a shot at them again in the state tournament in December. So far this year they have a 2-1 edge over us with all 3 games being decided by one run! That's fun softball!

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