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    Who do you have to win the WCWS(besides OU)

    Put your pick for the champs here. Pick anyone but OU. Come back when it's over and say "I told ya so". Doubling up is allowed. I'll take Clemson. They'll ride Cagle's drop ball and have a few hot bats carry them over the hump. Edit: Bracket found here...
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    Going to a game help

    Clemson and VA tech are playing a 3 game series Friday Sat and Sun of Mar 4,5,6. I'd like to take DD to watch both/either or Rochard and Cagle pitch. Does anyone know how the pitching rotations usually work? We cant make Friday. Would Sat or Sunday be the better option to watch either/both...
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    USA takes 18U WBSC tourney

    Youtube has been feeding me some of these games(in spanish). USA beat Chinese Taipei 1-0 for the championship. I will have to catch up on some of the other games. Valerie Cagle was awarded MVP for the USA. My 2nd favorite college player (Keely Rochard edges out for 1st.) Here is the...
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    Doug Gillis youtube channel

    Stumbled upon Doug Gillis's(VATECH PC)youtube channel. He has about 30 drills on there(only watched 4 or 5 so far). Seems like some good stuff to check out(rise tips etc). Some I have never seen before(nice way of saying odd/different!). Like this one...
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    White Dream Seam sale

    Hey I just saw has white Rawlings dream seams for 37$. Not a bad deal especially if you dont mind white.
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    Cool video(baseball vs softball)

    Saw this cool video with Paige Halstead(former UCLA catcher) and niche youtuber and former minor leaguer.(Eric Sim) I think the story was they were doing a planned video with the HS baseball team and halstead went impromptu to see if she could borrow a drop 10 from the softball team to use...
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    Runner out of baseline avoiding fielder

    This might be an easy one but... Play at 2:40ish is this the right call? Runner avoids the fielder(in act of fielding)called out. Thanks in advance.
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    Miracle League

    Cool video. I became familiar with this type of thing from a few of the venerable AD's posts. A good break down from Jomboy(guy who broke the Astros cheating pretty much)
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    Glove weight for young pitchers

    What is the effect of glove weight on a young pitcher. The ball weighs 6 oz and my DD glove weighs about 22 oz. She is a 10u. Would it be beneficial to wear a 11" glove that might weigh like 15 oz? Does a heavier glove help or hirt swimming. Does a heavier glove help/hurt arm speed? Dd...
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    Hello from NC

    Hello everyone! I'm a father of 4 ( 2 girlsand 2 boys) in NC and the oldest ( a 8 y/ogirl) is starting her second season this spring. I found this site from a Bill Hillhouse pitching youtube clip. This is a great resource I am so glad that it exists. Thanks to everyone that has helped to...