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  1. quincy

    Snow ball

    We are approaching that time of the year. DD played multiple times, the freezing rain is the worst.
  2. quincy

    Chocking up on bat

    I thought in general batters should not be choking up on her bat. Has that changed in the last few years? Always tried to have hands at bottom of bat, 2 strikes maybe choking up. When should a batter choke up, if ever? I think something is wrong when they start the game choking up.
  3. quincy

    SB/BB/Whiffle ball home games

    Since patter unintentional hickjacked 34" thread ... In whiffle ball I had an unhittable curve ball. We played a bunch and friends and they tried to duplicate it with no luck. Something about angle of arm and spin. One afternoon game I was starting BB P, I got pounded like never before...
  4. quincy


    I am surprised I was not kicked out off DD's Team. Did a lot of stuff which was strange in any world let alone today. It is 150 degrees out with no clouds, just miserable. DD''s game is at 3, urr. We spent all morning filling water balloons which we put in coolers with ice. Towards end of...
  5. quincy

    Field of dreams

    DD has been pounded, I think their still scoring runs. 1 reliever for soxs.was. upset that unp did not call.strike. yelling at ump for the entire time. Yelling at unp when he was taken out. Other reliever for soxes threw a perfect strike. Ball. Did not phase him at all. Next pitch...
  6. quincy

    Have you ever been out?

    Never been thrown out but close twice.
  7. quincy


    Has any P had a good defense behind them when they lost? (Tried to make a yes or no poll but gave up)
  8. quincy

    Hate 3rd base

    I probably posted this before but playing 3rd IMO takes a special person. I hated when DD was there. Lot of hate here. BB LL we got to regionals our 3rd baseman might have been our best SS, he was the only one with enough balls to play 3rd. He played 3rd and was unhappy about it and we...
  9. quincy

    WTS Looking for good home

    I live in Naperville IL and have some softball stuff I am hoping to find a good home for. Some balls and a spring loaded pitching machine. Same as they use in SWS 8U. Pitching thing is only good for about 10U and under. All free if anyone has any interest PM me.
  10. quincy

    Favorite DD Story

    I have been thinking of past for some reason., running thru DD's softball career in my head. It is impossible to pick 1 memory there are so many. I am going to pick 1, if you would like to contribute please do. So DD's best friend decides they should play SB, 8U. Friend is uncomfortable and...
  11. quincy

    DD likes softball

    Last 2 years have been hard on Dd. She is one of better players and HC sat in her in pool games. Parents and AC yelled at them but did not make too much of a difference, All the players were invited back, DD was exclud from email. She did not play or practice this year. She is going to walk...
  12. quincy

    Not a rules question

    Random question .... What do you umpires like to be called. Umpire, ump, hey you, Jim, blue? Do you care? I am taking a**, moron, blind, geriatric, idiot off the discussion because I assume these are not good.
  13. quincy

    Backup Question

    DD has been playing a lot of OF, she and the other players have IMO habit of getting on top of players making the catch. Backup is useless because if it goes by primary fielder it is going by her to. I keep telling, maybe yelling, at her to stay 20' back or so. For OF, is there a general rule...
  14. quincy

    Where did the ads go?

    I know I can install adblock or whatever but have not, all ads are gone. Early xmas present? I appreciate Marc, and one of the 2 monitors for running the board. I am not going to name which one. :)
  15. quincy

    Assume last softball game

    Fall double header. DD was 6 for 7 with a walk, 3 doubles and a triple. Not bad for batting last in lineup, like always. She also got to pitch 1 inning, not sure where that came from. 1K, 1 walked, no runs scored. Go Sally in left field, she caught the other 2 outs. It would have been nice...
  16. quincy

    LBR on walked batter

    Runner on 3rd, batter is walked. LBR does not take effect until batter-runner touches 1st? Until then runner on 3rd can just hangout off the base?
  17. quincy

    Here is a park

    11 fields opening this spring.
  18. quincy

    Rip-it Bat

    I used to occasional here about the rip-it bat on here when they seemed to be pushing them. I have not seen them mentioned in a long time. Do they still sell them? Are they any good? Are the used ones worth anything?
  19. quincy

    Posting personal phone number

    Just curious Has anyone had any Issues that they think came from this site from posting their personal phone number or email address? Businesses do not count. I have not heard of any which says a lot about this site.
  20. quincy

    Stupid scoring question

    This weekend DD hit a ball between the 1st and 2nd basemen. The other Team only had 8 players, no RF. We had a runner on 1st and the ball hit her, it would have gone through if it didn't hit her. Umpire called runner out. Runner kicked the ball back to 1st basemen, so umpire called DD out...