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    Guest Experiences

    Just out of curiosity—-What was the answer he gave?
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    Guest Experiences

    Interesting parent reaction!
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    Guest Experiences

    Story time: What is your worst experience with guesting? Either A) having DD guest or B) as a coach who brought in a guest.
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    Lately I’ve seen a bunch of new organizations pop up on Facebook who are advertising themselves as “Travel Rec” or “Rec Travel” programs. Interesting marketing ploy—curious what it means. Maybe a rec team that plays some local tournaments?
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    Coaches who never shut up

    Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more common. Increasing number of travel teams at the lower levels require more coaches, causing many inexperienced coaches to step in. Some of them will learn and work to get better as coaches and that’s a benefit to the sport. The ones who act like...
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    Roster Size

    What is PO?
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    Roster Size

    At the younger age groups, it seems losing the bottom 2-3 players every year is common as they often seek a team where they fit as a starter. Has anyone dabbled with just going with a roster of 10 and having recurring guests available as needed? Guest players are plentiful in our area.
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    What area of NJ are you in? What program does she play for?
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    Pay at plate math

    Agreed with all. We have decided not to play any USSSA events this spring. Too many other options.
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    Pay at plate math

    Looks like USSSA in PA/NJ really pushing going to pay at plate. As an example of the math: Last year, it cost $650 to enter states at 12u. This year it’s $532 to enter plus $60 pay at plate. With 3 pool games plus at least 1 bracket game that’s an additional $240 which equals $772 total. An...
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    Facebook Pages

    Anybody follow any Facebook softball pages like “The Fastpitch Zone”? I have been amusing myself reading it the last few days. My favorite are the posts from parents whose daughter is the best player on the team yet is always sitting the bench. They share their tale of woe about how the coach...
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    LL Softball WS

    Look at called third at 11:09 and first pitch at 47:53. In re-watching it a little bit, there may not have been as many of those being called as I originally thought but these two in particular definitely feel like a good 10 inches off the plate
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    LL Softball WS

    Watched a replay of a 12u 2021 LLWS Softball game btw Oklahoma and NJ. No radar but announcer commented OK pitcher was throwing low 60s. Maybe true, maybe not. Anyway, I was totally amazed at the strike zone. The umpire was consistently giving the pitchers the call on balls that were totally...
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    Coaches of top level travel programs

    I see coaches of more mid-level programs using either “coach has 30 years of experience” or “coach was a former D1 player” as selling points, etc. Are there any commonalities in terms of background among coaches of the top National travel teams/programs? Based on my limited knowledge, it...
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    # of teams

    I just found out tonight about a 2010 birth year girl who just quit existing team and is returning to a prior team. This is her 6th team switch since 2019—she is first year 12u. That’s got me thinking, what are some of the most frequent flyers you have seen in terms of changing teams?
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    Number of Teams in an Org.

    Our org now has multiple teams at 12u. Coaches couldn’t arrive on a consensus so the solution was that everybody creates their own team. The good: With three teams the organization now gets to collect dues from 36 girls instead of 12. The organization is now represented at tons of...
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    Team Change After Fall

    Seeing the annual post-fall season attempts of teams to pick up new players—specifically a backup catcher, another pitcher and the utility player. Some verbatim pitches below: “Did the fall not work out as you expected? Were you fed a bunch of false promises? Did your daughter not develop the...
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    Finish Inning vs Finish Batter

    The inning was completed. Team B scored 3 runs in bottom of 5th and the 3rd out was then recorded, thus completing the 5th inning. The issue that arose was that TD decided after the game ended that drop dead rules were in place and should have been enforced by ending the game at the 1:15 mark...
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    Finish Inning vs Finish Batter

    12B Saturday pool game USA Softball Rules sent prior to tournament say finish the batter Saturday, finish the inning Sunday. 75 minutes. At the coaches/umps meeting at the plate. Umpires say that it is finish the inning both days. “That is the way this organization always does it and that’s...
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    How would you personally define A level, B level, C level in your local geography? Has any recent increase in number of teams affected this? Thinking of 12u age group.