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    WTS 33" drop 11 Ghost Advanced Brand new in wrapper $250

    As the title suggests, I have a 33" drop 11 Easton Ghost Advanced brand new in the wrapper. It is a warranty replacement bat, hence the price point. $250 plus shipping. Let me know if you have any questions.
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    D1 Power 5 coaches remembering my DD!!

    So my DD will be a second year 14u 2025 catcher on a National organization that just recently achieved a National tag within their organization. She has attended a couple of camps this past year and has been really hammering it when it comes to emailing coaches with updates and highlight...
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    Leaving a team when they've done nothing wrong....

    *SIGH* as the title suggests, we left our team of 3 and a half years yesterday and they have done nothing wrong. Sorry, but this one may be a long post. A little backstory. We have played for the last 3.5 years for a local A class 14u (well....10u to present-day 14u) team in a...
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    Seeding based on points in the FALL!?!

    So, we played in a 14u tournament over this weekend where the bracket seeding was based off of USSSA points. Easy enough right? Well, more than half of the teams had no points!! This is the FALL. This was our first tournament. It seems to me that it would make more sense to simply do a...
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    DD has a throwdown that makes the runner turn around and go back to 1st!!

    My DD plays on a 12u team and we were playing up in a 14u Open Class tournament. Ended up placing second so not too shabby. Anyways, earlier in the day I caught this gem on camera. It was a high pitch and the batter squared to bunt it but pulled the bat back. My DD was already in motion and...
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    Used 2020 CF 31"/21oz

    Used for the Fall only. Apparently between the winter break and quarantine my DD shot up about 6". She just outgrew it. Great bat. Very little action seen with it. Looking to get $250 and we can work out the shipping (I'll probably just include shipping to keep it easy). Let me know if you...
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    TB as a farm system for HS Ball?

    Just wondering if you all had experienced anything like this. A few local high schools have created TB teams and have put the word out in the community that if their DD wants to play for their local high school team that they HAVE TO play for the created TB team. They are using TB as a farm...
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    2020 Mizuno Power Carbon Review

    Well, my DD has finished up her season. She is a first year 12u and began using the Power Carbon, 31" drop 10 in June. First tournament she had quite a few quality shots with it and she was hooked. As the season went on, her performance went down and down. She made lots of contact but her...
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    New from Louisiana

    Long time lurker to the site. Lots of good information on this site and I have enjoyed everything that I have read. My DD is a 12U catcher from Baton Rouge area. Her team is a strong B class team of mostly 07's and 2 06's. She has been putting in a lot of work on knee throws and is getting...