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    WTS Ghost Advanced 31/21 Warranty Replacement

    Dropping the price to $225 shipped.
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    WTS Ghost Advanced 31/21 Warranty Replacement

    I have a new in wrapper warranty replacement 31" drop 10 Ghost Advanced for sale. DD moved up to a 32". $250 plus shipping
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    Team Manager - Scoring/Streaming

    Tap on the baserunner and put in the courtesy runner. Then tap on the player at bat (top of screen) and click skip to different batter.
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    Basemen Positions

    I would not recommend having your 3B cross the runner's path to receive the throw. Depending on the situation, the 3B is taking the throw a few feet up the line, or occasionally, the 3B is way up (bunt attempt) and the SS is sneaking in the back.
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    NFHS 'official book' question

    You can view the scorebook version in game changer at any point on the mobile app. Click Plays (along the bottom) then click View Scorebook at the top.
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    It happened...

    My return in late March took a little over a week, and the biggest delay was I paid for regular ground shipment there.
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    how would this be scored

    In Gamechanger, then I'd probably score the second one as "other".
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    how would this be scored

    I got caught stealing and a stolen base. If everyone was safe, I would have scored them both for advancing on a wild pitch. BTW - I know it isn't what you asked, but Defensive Indifference should very rarely be used. For example, runners on 1B and 3B - runner takes 2B without a throw. That's a...
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    GameChanger Video Streaming

    We migrated over to Team Manager from GC to livestream this weekend and it worked flawlessly. We also stream on AGL but never scored there because the interface was so difficult. When Team Manager adds saving video, we'll likely end the use of AGL altogether. A few things from the questions...
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    Batter interference?

    This reminds me of something that happened in an intra-team scrimmage. R2 and R3 with a Left handed batter. Wild pitch bounces to catcher's left and both runners advance. Batter takes 3 steps straight back (towards 1B dugout and away from the play), no one covers home. Catcher lobs the ball...