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    Unicorn 🦄/ goat 🐐 bat

    CF8 -11. My DD had one as an 8u player and that bat was HOTTTT and durable. Would love you find one in a 33" that doesn't cost 700 bucks.
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    Blast motion vs Diamond Kinetics

    My DD was introduced to the Diamond Kinetics sensor at the Florida Camp and went out and bought one as soon as the camp was over. So far she loves it and the feedback is enough to understand.
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    time for a new glove.. for me.. but also for them.

    One thing to try is the TIP, or two in the pinky grip. Now that my DD is 14, I just can't hang any more and it hurts my hand so I shift my hand over and my index finger goes in the middle finger slot, middle goes to ring, etc etc and you end up with your ring finger and pinky in the pinky slot...
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    Number of Teams in an Org.

    I've seen teams split up into first year and second year. Such as 07's would be second year 14u and 08's would be first year 14u. That way each team can grow together as they age up. I have also seen some do something like a Hittin' Kittens - Black and a Hittin' Kittens - Purple as kind of an...
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    WTS 33" drop 11 Ghost Advanced Brand new in wrapper $250

    As the title suggests, I have a 33" drop 11 Easton Ghost Advanced brand new in the wrapper. It is a warranty replacement bat, hence the price point. $250 plus shipping. Let me know if you have any questions.
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    Recruiting - Decision Time!

    First of all, CONGRATS to your DD!! I had a quick question. Once September 1st came and went, what's next? My DD is a freshman so I have a couple years but what do you do after that date? Do you take all the offers and decline the ones you have no interest in? Do you start taking visits...
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    Meta X

    My DD got a 33" drop 10 3 days ago. Been mostly doing tee work in order to break it in. Probably have around 300 cuts on it so far. Exit velos straight out of the wrapper look similar to a well used Ghost so I am curious to see what this thing does after it's been broken in.
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    HEY CATCHERS whats happening, general update discussion.

    DD moved from a national organization to a similar national organization with a National tag. Now that she is a second year 14u, there is just no way she can keep up with a schedule of playing multiple 7 inning games and catching 80% of the innings. So we moved to a team that has a very good...
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    I made a highlight video DD class of 2025

    A D1 coach once told me that a short and sweet video with 10 cuts and 10 throws is more than enough. Agree with Gator5 as well, cut out any foul balls or wasted space. Also, some of the videos from way behind the fence are a little tough to see. And yes, grad year, contact info, team name...
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    D1 Power 5 coaches remembering my DD!!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that took it this way. I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt but I couldn't help but think "wow"
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    Working at home questions

    From 9-13, my DD would voluntarily go hit off a tee or bounce a ball against a wall maybe once a week. Once she hit 14 and started attending a few camps she really got motivated. She hits probably 4 times a week on her own now. We will do long toss and some hitting with front toss on the...
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    # of Travel Teams

    8u thru 12u seems to be the time where there are the most teams. Second year 12u and beyond, the cream starts to rise and the teams that just can't compete start to go away.
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    D1 Power 5 coaches remembering my DD!!

    So my DD will be a second year 14u 2025 catcher on a National organization that just recently achieved a National tag within their organization. She has attended a couple of camps this past year and has been really hammering it when it comes to emailing coaches with updates and highlight...
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    This Time of Year Blows…

    We were on the opposite side of a similar story, we were the ones leaving unexpectedly. My DD was on a national organization team. This team was an entry level team (org has a base team, Gold team, and then a National team) and you have to apply for the upgrade in your tag. Well, the...
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    Catchers Hard At Work

    It's funny that you post this. Now that the summer is over I had a little more time to watch some games and clip out some of my DD's frames. That is something she has been working hard on this season. Also, my DD got asked to join a national organization that had a Premier tag with them...
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    Colorado Sparklers All American Game

    Just got back from Colorado last night. My DD played in the All Star game and was one of 2 girls chosen for the All American game. Unfortunately, the time slot we got was Wednesday at 4 pm. Welllll......we had 2 pool games that same day, one at 2 and one at 4 pm. The All American game was an...