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  1. GunnerShotgun

    How to Play Softball During a Pandemic

    Got this email today on procedures from a regional/national director on options they are considering for tournaments. 1) Coaches will be e-mailed a certification form that all of their players, coaches, and parents have self-certified that they are non-symptomatic and that form must be turned...
  2. GunnerShotgun

    Needs an "A" level pitcher

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  3. GunnerShotgun

    Interference - have to throw?

    I searched for this but couldn't find it specifically. Runner on 1B and ball hit two SS who tries to turn unassisted double play. Runner from 1B does not attempt to slide into 2B and is standing point blank in front of SS who raised her arm to throw to 1B. Since SS did not want to hit the...
  4. GunnerShotgun

    How much do you pay to play HS?

    Just curious how much you pay for your DD to play on the High School team? We pay $440 which includes mandatory bat bags, helmets, practice gear and meals. It also includes other miscellaneous items like end of the year banquet, team hotels (one out of town tournament), etc. The over all team...
  5. GunnerShotgun

    Writing Down Wrong Player Number

    I wrote down the wrong number for one of my players on the official lineup card. The player in question played 2B for the first few innings. I brought the 2B in to pitch in the fourth inning with a runner on 3B. After her first pitch the other team protested. The result was an illegal pitch...
  6. GunnerShotgun

    PGF Sanction Fee is $85 ?

    Perhaps I am a dinosaur but does anybody know why the PGF sanctioning fee is almost double all other orgs.? Is there some extra benefit that I am getting for $85? It seems outrageous to me but perhaps it's their version of the NSA "hidden gate" fees. Just curious.
  7. GunnerShotgun

    Defensive Shifts

    Anyone use defensive shifts on a regular basis? MLB is practically redefining standard positions as so many shifts are being utilized. Some teams actually shift differently for each batter. I am not talking about sliding your SS a few steps, I am referring to an all out position move (3 IF on...
  8. GunnerShotgun

    ASA Insurance Card with or without photo

    What is the benefit of getting (and paying more for) the ASA individual insurance card with photo vs getting it without. Any real benefit?
  9. GunnerShotgun

    14u Practice Frequency in the Fall

    Just curious how much the older teams 14u, 16u, practice in the fall. It would be great if you could post the number of days, total hours, and the level of team that you are. There is much debate at the moment. Weather and shorter days come into play.
  10. GunnerShotgun

    Scholarships for life

    NCAA president Mark Emmert calls for 'scholarships for life' in meeting with Senate panel - ESPN
  11. GunnerShotgun

    Softball State Title Decided by Walk-Off Inside the Park… Strike Out?

    Softball State Title Decided by Walk-Off Inside the Park… Strike Out?
  12. GunnerShotgun

    Alternative Tournaments To Nationals?

    I had a 12u coach ask me about alternative tournaments to nationals. He said his team wasn't ready but wanted to do something fun for the final tournament. I told him that there is a non-sanctioned world series in Ohio but it was likely full. I know that there are tournaments where the...
  13. GunnerShotgun

    NFHS: Tagging with two stikes - foul ball

    In NFHS can you tag up on a caught foul ball with two strikes? I didn't think you could, I thought you could only tag with zero or one strikes.
  14. GunnerShotgun

    Middle School Game Ends on HBP?

    Watching a middle school game which I believe was playing by NFHS rules. Home team started with 8 players (can you do that in NFHS?) and took an automatic out in the 9th spot. Final inning and the home team is down two runs and has runner on first with two outs. The eighth spot comes up to...
  15. GunnerShotgun

    Quitting School Ball For Full Time Travel (In Middle School)

    Had an interesting discussion with some parents tonight regarding school ball vs. travel ball. The back story is a travel team is split up in 3 Middle Schools in two different grades (7th and 8th). Four of the teams without the two pitchers are terrible, the two teams with pitchers are decent...
  16. GunnerShotgun

    I Need A High Level swing Example

    I need a short hitting video of a high level (female) swing not in .gif format. I can't use a gif in the Coaches Eye App. I want to use the video as the baseline swing to compare my girls to. I can find plenty of baseball swings but no sofball swings (not in gif format). I would prefer a...
  17. GunnerShotgun

    10,000 Hours Doesn't Make You Perfect

    Allen Iverson was right, practice is overrated. Scientists Debunk The Myth That 10,000 Hours Of Practice Makes You An Expert | Co.Design | business + design
  18. GunnerShotgun

    How would you define a High Level Swing

    Someone in a post last week (that I can't find) had an excellent definition of a High Level Swing. It's wasn't how to perform a high level swing but it what was the purpose of a high level swing. It was something along the lines of getting a running start by transferring potential energy from...
  19. GunnerShotgun

    USSSA Bat Mark - Effective Jan 1, 2014

    I got an email from USSSA stating that effective Jan 1, 2014 all bats must have the new USSSA mark although it doesn't say what the new mark is. The previous mark was, "USSSA 1.2 BPF". I also heard a rumor that NSA was going to a new mark in 2014 although I haven't seen any details (and these...
  20. GunnerShotgun

    Parent files bullying report against Texas high school coach after 91-0 rout

    It makes me wonder what the run differential has to be in softball in order for the coach to be considered a bully. Was Aledo’s 91-0 football win last week a case of bullying? | Football | DFWVa...