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  1. Lemond

    MLB AZ fall league all stars

    I know this is regarding baseball and is not my son, but my college housemate's son is vying for a spot on the minor league all star team! If you have a chance, go to here: and vote for Michael Toglia . You can do it 5 times...
  2. Lemond

    NFCA Conference

    I just received an email proclaiming the opening of registration for the NFCA Conference, and I am wondering if anyone has any feedback on if it is worth the time and money. Previous experiences? I know there are some discussions that have been covered on this forum quite adequately, with...
  3. Lemond

    Candrea retires (not a surprise, but end of an era)

    Very thankful for his many and great contributions to the sport, my alma mater, and mostly to the softball careers of my DD and myself! Bear down!
  4. Lemond

    Supporting the economy one gadget at a time

    OK, I'm guilty! I like gadgets. Plus, I'm bored from not being able to be out at the fields. Plus, I've probable saved enough gas and worked enough OT this year month that it's OK to spurge a little. Oh, and I'm trying to find ANYthing that will help me get the kids get off their butts and...
  5. Lemond

    Softball happy thoughts

    OK, time to post a pic of a happy softball moment. Here is one of my DD at sunset last year (not a perfect photo, but oh well). It was a very long midsummer day, and we were tired and ready to go home. I think this game was running at least an hour late. We saw the sunset, and made a point...
  6. Lemond

    Coastal Cen Cal IR PC

    DD does NOT pitch, and not trying to get her into it, but after reading many of the threads here (and learning a lot!), I have casually asked a few of our local star pitchers if their PCs are teaching HE or IR, to which I either get this or this . Does anyone have names of PCs known to teach...
  7. Lemond

    One year later - Any progress?

    Pretty close to a year ago, we posted a swing eval request and received a LOT of good advice from many of you! It was ALL appreciated, and we tried to incorporate it as much as possible. So here we are a year later with yet another new Mizuno PC (33/23) with special thanks to @CoreSoftball20...
  8. Lemond

    Wasserman High Level Throwing

    Happy New Year, everyone! I have been contemplating purchasing the Wasserman High Level Throwing book for a while. Does anyone have a used copy they are willing to sell? Also, does anyone know how different the books are from softball to baseball? Other feedback on the value of the book...
  9. Lemond

    Retiring the old gloves

    Well, after 6 years of buying gear for DD, DS and their respective softball/baseball teams, it was time to get something for me! So many years of playing and coaching, and now my "babies" are ready to sit on a shelf. Old Rawlings Reggie Jackson model RBG36 or similar, and a Mizuno...
  10. Lemond

    How do you fix this blown call?

    First, the umpire in question readily admitted he blew the call. Second, he made plenty more mistakes. The situation Semifinal USA Softball rules tourney game, two outs, runners at 1st and 2nd (largely inconsequential to the play). Batter has two strikes, and lays down a two-strike bunt...
  11. Lemond

    12U DD hitting with the new Mizuno F19 PowerCarbon

    Good evening, everyone! I'm still new to this forum, so please forgive and instruct if I'm going about this the wrong way. DD received her new bat this weekend. (Thank you Core!!) Preliminary review - WOW! We were looking for swing feedback to start a new season of learning. (Evals on...