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  1. Tatonka

    Angled vs Breaking? Go To vs secondary?

    Found this pretty interesting on several levels... The more I hear from her, the more I like Coach Lawson.
  2. Tatonka

    Coaches seeking a new home?

    Open ended question - what's the most common method for a college level coach to learn about an opening? Favorite or most visited website that posts these positions? Word of mouth? Also, when is the best time for a Coach to seek a new position or to make such a change? I'm curious about...
  3. Tatonka

    Congrats OU

    Well, it was a heckuva WCWS and proved incredibly entertaining on many fronts. It was great to see fans in the stands and the viewership numbers up so high. We saw some true grit and a couple meltdowns but overall kudos go out to every player and staff that battled through this season...
  4. Tatonka

    Fastest pitch you've seen in '21

    What is the fastest speed you've seen reported so far this year (in mph)? Where did you see it recorded, ie; ESPN, Flosports, Grandpa radar??? Monica Abbot is still credited with the fastest speed recorded for a female fastpitch player (77mph back in 2012, not sure what that speed was measured...
  5. Tatonka

    Collegiate Sports Cancellations

    Softball will likely be impacted by other college athletic programs shutting down due to COVID-19 and associated issues. Some programs and schools are cancelling all Fall Sports right now (June 2020) regardless of whether there Conference is go/no go or on a reduced schedule. To my way of...
  6. Tatonka

    Average grade by age classification

    I'm curious as to what your experience is in various parts of the country as to what grade level (ie; 6, 7, -12th, college Freshman, Sophomore, etc.) your teams consist of at the different Age classes (10U - 18U). It always seemed that "playing up" was encouraged and even sometimes treated as a...
  7. Tatonka

    Sign of the times - NLI Signing Day '19

    So, this just happened at our house - in the shadow of COVID-19 both of my daughters signed their National Letter of Intent to play NCAA Softball seated at our kitchen table. The ceremony was NOT held at their High School in front of their classmates or at the Travel Ball facilities with their...
  8. Tatonka

    VPX Softball Harness I've seen other straps and harness set ups being used before where they get attached to a wall or fence. This one gets attached to your leg or foot. Feeling the resistance/movement during a hitting/pitching motion for...
  9. Tatonka

    Free Shoes

    Dear DFP junkies - here's an offer that I thought at least some of you might feel good about. While NOT directly softball related, if we can help others by sharing something as simple as this, well then, we all benefit...
  10. Tatonka

    Seasons and Tourneys Cancelled?

    As some schools are sadly sending their students home to study online or asking them not to return after Spring Break we are starting to get the news that various Tournaments are being cancelled and many athletic programs are being either put on hold or cancelling for the semester. It might be...
  11. Tatonka

    Favorite Catchers Mitt for 18U/College/Pro level

    There's been a lot of discussion about Catchers Mitts for the younger players and even for us BucketDads (or Moms) but I haven't seen much talk or comparison lately about what Mitt prevails or is preferred most often at the upper levels. If you were buying a new mitt today what would it be and...
  12. Tatonka

    Four USC Union JUCO Players Involved In Crash

    My heart goes out to these families, friends and teammates. I can't even imagine the gut wrenching heartache they are going through. Please don't drink and drive!!
  13. Tatonka

    All Star System Seven - yeah it's a baseball glove

    Shout out to Annasdad for convincing us to try this glove! Not only are we testing out the glove but also the Just Gloves 100 Day Love Your Glove far so good, the purchase and shipping went as smoothly as anyone could expect. The FGS7-PT is a 12" glove that my DD intends to use...
  14. Tatonka

    Who's calling?

    This is great!
  15. Tatonka

    Reinforcing a few concepts - Mike White

    I found this interesting to watch as Coach White reinforces many of the concepts we strive to achieve.
  16. Tatonka

    How to

    This is pretty general in scope and not related at all to mechanics but I believe more head coaches should operate this least until they're coaching an Olympic team.
  17. Tatonka

    Another interesting look at Scholarships

    Academics vs Athletics or both? Rowing, Lacrosse or Softball? Maybe it's not news to you but it contains some good points and is fairly well done.
  18. Tatonka

    Pitch Calling - Important?

    Why bother teaching a pitcher or a catcher anything about calling a game? Seriously, help me understand this. Maybe this should be posted in the Catching forum or the Coaching forum but I'm hoping to get some feedback and opinions on this topic. I'm primarily referring to the 16/18U/High...
  19. Tatonka

    More data/analysis to wonk out on...

    Interesting stuff using Gourley & O'Toole as examples.
  20. Tatonka

    Easton gloves/mitts

    Question for you glove gurus and Easton guys.... What's your favorite Easton fielders glove (both infield and outfield) and catchers mitt for high level women's fastpitch? I seem to recall some discussion of their lineup here a while back and what some of the differences were but couldn't find...

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