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  1. GunnerShotgun

    Lazy kid

    One thought is that if you continue with lessons and she has success she will work harder at it. It's a tough call as a parent.
  2. GunnerShotgun

    Best and easiest Screwball

    Physics hates every sentence in this post. The ball path doesn't behave how you think it behaves.
  3. GunnerShotgun

    😁In the spirit of analyzing anything possible

    I agree and I have an unreasonable dislike of first baseman's gloves in softball. Players drop too many balls at the younger ages trying to figure it out. It's probably just me but I wish they would just use their regular gloves. I played 1B in baseball so I get it, but damn. 2B is...
  4. GunnerShotgun

    How do you handle an umpire who disregards certain rules?

    Not sure what level or where you play at but this has not been my experience over the years. We have a the complete opposite approach as a coaching staff. We coach our team and let the other teams coaches coach theirs. The umpires decide what's legal and what's not. I can promise you as a...
  5. GunnerShotgun

    How do you handle an umpire who disregards certain rules?

    That is not the job of the opposing coach. That is for the umpire to decide. As a coach it's not something you can protest so why even bring it up. You are just wasting time.
  6. GunnerShotgun

    How do you handle an umpire who disregards certain rules?

    You can't have that conversation with an umpire. Your job as a coach is to make sure the umpires interpret the rules correctly during the game. If you think they got something wrong your remedy is to protest. No rulebooks, no pregame discovery. On my team there is no talk among the coaches...
  7. GunnerShotgun

    So, tell me your theories on stealing.

    Stealing is not advised unless you are supper efficient at it. I forget what the percentage you need to steal at (80%?) but if you can't steal at that rate you are wasting outs. Additionally the value you are getting for stealing a base is really small. It was something like you needed 4...
  8. GunnerShotgun

    2021 Speaking with D1 coaches this weekend Q&A

    You may be surprised how little D1 coaches actually know about best practices when it comes to mechanics.
  9. GunnerShotgun

    Tell me theorys on bunting....

    It's just not the bunting but stealing bases as well. Stop doing that too unless you are super efficient.
  10. GunnerShotgun

    If the leap is allowed.....

    Pitching in softball is binary. You either can throw strikes or you can't. In baseball it's a little more gray because I am pretty sure my RF can throw strikes overhand if needed in a pinch. You want to see pitch counts in softball go visit your local rec league. Mine for example limits...
  11. GunnerShotgun

    Tell me theorys on bunting....

    Are you asking why people don't use anecdotal evidence to determine best practices? Again no one is saying NEVER bunt. The general consensus is that you should be bunting less and hitting more. It isn't 2005 anymore. The same way the midrange jumper has disappeared in basketball or why more...
  12. GunnerShotgun

    Tell me theorys on bunting....

    Are you asking me how to google something? 1. goto 2. enter the phrase "fastpitch analytics" The first result is a good place to start. We have had this particular discussion on this website ( many times. You can try searching through...
  13. GunnerShotgun

    If the leap is allowed.....

    There aren't enough pitchers for all of the teams as it is. Restricting them to pitch counts is ridiculous. Pitch counts in baseball are dumb as well but for other reasons.
  14. GunnerShotgun

    Tell me theorys on bunting....

    No need to use MLB analytics in fastpitch. We have the data for fastpitch. The point was they track similarly.
  15. GunnerShotgun

    Tell me theorys on bunting....

    You can expect a little over 2 runs in this scenario (runners on 2nd and 3rd without no outs). Why are you bunting? Why do you hate your team?
  16. GunnerShotgun

    Tell me theorys on bunting....

    And in MLB when they are facing the best pitchers in the world every night they still don't bunt. The defenses have shifted GIVING you a free base if you can bunt. And they still don't bunt. Math is the reason why...they can't bunt for doubles. And before you bemoan the differences between...
  17. GunnerShotgun

    Tell me theorys on bunting....

    Because they understand basic probability.
  18. GunnerShotgun

    Learning to leap

    I found and international pitching example:
  19. GunnerShotgun

    High School practices

    Depending on what state you are in there could be rules on when you can and can't practice as a team (in season vs out of season). You offseason schedule seems a little heavy from what I can tell but if it's just workouts maybe not. The in season schedule is typical. Usually there is study...
  20. GunnerShotgun

    Leap into 2022, USA rules change for pitching

    From my experience pitchers that replant kick dirt towards first base when they replant. They make a little divot/hole and kick the dirt towards first, it's an obvious mark compared to pattern a legal toe dragger uses. Bonus points if you complain to the umpire while pointing to the hole in...