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  1. corlay

    scoring question: Sac Fly

    For a hit to be scored as a "sacrifice fly", does: 1. A Runner have to score on the play? 2. A Runner have to advance on the play? (but not score)
  2. corlay

    Front Toss Vid

    just posting a link to a youtube vid of an excerpt from a recent front-toss workout with DD. No particular reason. Comments always welcomed...
  3. corlay

    If a ChangeUp is the second pitch every budding young pitcher learns...

    ...then why do only about 10%-15% of the 18U pitchers we face "have" a ChangeUp?
  4. corlay

    Runner leaves early on a tag-up catch&carry to dead ball territory?

    Had an interesting play happen this weekend. Runner1 on 2B. 1-out. in the inning. Batter/Runner hits a looping fly ball behind 1B in foul territory. F4 runs down the fly ball, makes the catch, and then continues into dead ball territory. Runner1 tags up on the catch, and reaches 3B. Umpire...
  5. corlay

    Interference question

    scenario: Runner 1 at 1B Batter/Runner grounds sharply to the second baseman. Ball, Runner1, and F4 arrive at same place at same time. Intereference is called. F4 manages to field ball, tag Runner1 out, and throw Batter/Runner out at 1B. Question: Is Interference an immediate dead ball? and if...
  6. corlay

    Academic Camp Scheduling Conflicts!

    So, COVID forced some schedule changes, as things scheduled for May/June pushed to July/August. But Tournament/Camp directors obviously don't communicate and coordinate! Pennsbury Academic Camp and Tournament moved from June to August, and created a conflict with Headfirst Honor Roll Camp...
  7. corlay

    Drill Suggestions: too early with swing

    So, DD is a good hitter, but as we ramp up from our COVID hiatus, her timing seems to be too early. This is a chronic trait in her, to a degree. Not sure if she just gets amped-up in a game situation or what, but last few weekends all her ball contact is a few feet out beyond her front foot. So...
  8. corlay

    throwing/fielding errors, and hitting-based recruitment

    Don't know about you guys, but I'm seeing an unusual amount of throwing/fielding errors in games so far this season: Side-arm throws from SS to 1B WAY off-line. Throws from shallow OF to HP not even close. Throws from middle IF to 3B wide and into the dugout. etc. Dropped catches by first...
  9. corlay

    “You’ve come a long way, baby”

    was leafing through an old HS yearbook, looking for a pic of a friend, and stumbled in this pic of the HS Softball team from ‘86. Wow. How this sport has progressed in 30+ years!
  10. corlay

    Gauging a Camp's weight

    Question: How do you know if a camp offered by a college is a "cattle call" or is a legit recruiting opportunity? DD attended a camp at an Ivy recently. Format was 2-day, 7hrs. each day. Morning skills/drills, afternoon live scrimmages. Less than half of the attendees were what I would...
  11. corlay

    World Series slo-mo observations

    So, watching the World Series, and series leading up to that, we get to see a LOT of super hi-res slo-mo of hitters. What did you all see? Some things I observed: 1. Load/FBC Most hitters all do this phase of the swing very well and quite consistently 2. TTB Some do, some really don't. They...
  12. corlay

    SAT Prep Courses

    DD is a junior, and will be seeking admissions in a high-academic university next year. (Engineering program) Have any of you that have already gone through this process done any of the SAT prep courses that are available? Specifically, I am interested in the Princeton Review SAT 1400+ course...
  13. corlay

    courtesy Runner sub into game?

    Quick question: In rulesets that allow a courtesy Runner for Pitcher or Catcher, and dictate that the Runner MUST be a bench player (and not the last batted out, for example). Can a girl courtesy Run for Pitcher or Catcher and then later Sub in to the game? Can she sub into any spot in the...
  14. corlay

    Played our first timed game , finish the inning, plus one additional inning format

    Boy, were the parents and coaches totally befuddled by this! Was an ASA/USA Nationals Qualifier in MD this past weekend. I really like the format, and thanks to this forum, had a pre-understanding of it and its benefits. Only issue was there weren't enough fields/umpires to run a 2-day...
  15. corlay

    Incorrect Rule Interpretations - a running list

    Ok, I'm curious to hear all the incorrect rules understandings you have heard at games. Coaches, players, fans, umpires - doesn't matter. let's post our favorite examples? Heard a good one this past weekend: 1. Batter bunts. 2. Catcher fields bunt. 3. Batter-Runner is (slightly) inside the...
  16. corlay

    FOR SALE: Pocket Radar - Classic Radar (model PR1000) ***SOLD

    A used Pocket Radar - Classic Radar model for sale, with hard case. Offered at $100.00 (plus actual shipping costs) Very good condition, works well. Contact me via Private Message (PM) via this Forum website, please. Thank you.
  17. corlay

    Mercy Rule at a Showcase?

    Why would Showcase tournament rules allow for a game to end early based upon the run-rule? Seems like the point is to get as much play in as possible. This is hard enough with an 1:10 drop dead time limit. With no elimination bracket play, who is glad to see a Showcase game end early? (except...
  18. corlay

    Penalty for Illegal Substitution?

    apparently, a local HS team has essentially been running TWO DP/FLEX in their games all season. Caught by the opposing team in the last game of the regular season schedule. (but verified it also occurred in previous games by analyzing Gamechanger plays, and live game video). The umpires imposed...
  19. corlay

    Bunt, round 1st?

    scenario: Runner on 3B Batter bunts Batter-Runner choses to ROUND 1B and attemept to take 2B or get in a run-down so 3B Runner can try to score... Is the Batter-Runner allowed to take a turn at the FRONT of the 1B bag? Or does she have to run straight through the bag before taking a turn? If...
  20. corlay

    scoring a SB

    when is a stolen base, a stolen base? Is the criteria that a play by the defense on the Runner must be made? and otherwise it is just scored as "defensive indifference"? That's the criteria I use when scoring games, but just wanted to be sure that is correct.

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