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    1984 Mike White pitching

    Those are up- balls that are actually upping! And Im digging the umpire mechanics!
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    COVID-19 and Softball

    Our school district has shut down for the next two weeks at least One school has canceled their softball jamboree games but no other sports have been canceled. Things change daily though.
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    MaxPrep's Top 25 HS teams

    Wow. Amazed to see a team from my old hometown in Az - #24 from Prescott Valley. When I moved from there 30 years ago, softball wasn't even a high school sport and that town had one stop light.
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    Mask Watch

    That's funny.... I know...NSA is obscure to non-existent in some areas.
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    NCAA No Longer Enforcing Foot Out Of Box

    I'm watching the ball all the way in. Then, when she swings/ makes contact, I quickly look down at the feet. I also recognize a slapper coming so I"m ready. But no, it is not always easy and I do not call it unless I'm positive the foot is entirely out. When there is no line left, then I only...
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    NCAA No Longer Enforcing Foot Out Of Box

    Actually, the line is part of the box, so if the foot is on the line, it's good. It's when the foot steps barely outside the line is considered out. This makes it more difficult to see. And this is just for NCAA, not other sanctions.
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    NCAA No Longer Enforcing Foot Out Of Box

    After watching numerous games the past 2 weekends, it appears no umpire wants to call this anymore. What have you seen?
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    Mask Watch

    Right now in NSA, 12u pitchers and below are required to wear masks. In August, 14u will be required. By 2022, NSA will require all pitchers to wear masks. .
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    Watching games on TV

    We bite the bullet and purchase Sling for 3-4 month's in the spring. ESPN+ inevitably doesn't show most of the games we want to watch.
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    Runner on 2nd signaling pitch location to batter

    I'm cool with sign stealing. Never had a problem. I have a BIG problem, though, when dad or grandpa is doing it from the bleachers.
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    Rule Books

    Wherever you're training should supply you some. Or download/ buy the app.
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    Umpire Gear

    Can't believe no one has mentioned the most important piece of equipment. The cup. Nutty Buddy or Diamond MMA...
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    Speed drop off with I/R

    Very little front side resistance.
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    Support your local Blue!

    If it matters... it's not a Little League game or umpire. Little League was over in September.
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    NFHS Courtesy Runner Rule

    Are we sure CR was only designed to keep the game moving? Seems to make sense that the battery is entitled to more rest and less chance of injury on the base paths.
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    Ball ON glove, not IN the glove still an out?

    Imagine a fielder applying a two- handed tag to a sliding runner but rather than the ball being in the glove, she's got it trapped/ pinned against the glove using her throwing hand. The runner is touched with the glove but not the ball. Runner out or safe?
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    State Championship Game-Rain Delay Rules

    What's wrong with playing in the rain...? From Seattle,
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    Illegal pitch?

    This is a pretty common "style" I see frequently. It is not illegal. Every once in a while a girl will do this same thing but a bit too quickly... then it is an illegal pitch.
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    Two Strike Bunting

    IMO, two options: 1. Coach doesn't really have a good grasp. 2. I believe it's a good way to teach girls how important it is to get the bunt down on one pitch. What better pressure than with two strikes!
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    Illegal pitching-no call?? not true. Not true. Pitch yourself and see what happens.

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