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  1. jadefish

    Ideal height for pitchers?

    My DD's projected height is 5'3". I can tell you that even 10U travel ball coaches like tall and big girls. They believe that tall and big girls can throw faster and harder despite radar guns telling them otherwise. They are looking at potentials. And they will always give tall and big girls...
  2. jadefish

    Changing times for pitchers

    It is actually really hard to transit from one coach to another. Not to mention how hard it is to find one coach who teaches the correct mechanics, has an opening that fits your schedule, and has a teaching style that fits DD. In the past almost three years, we had seven pitching coaches. I...
  3. jadefish

    Brush interference question

    When DD's pitching coach asked her to have more brush, at first, I actually told the coach that DD was skinny, not much hip to brush on. But the coach wouldn't give in. DD insisted that she brushed but the coach said she didn't. I got so annoyed and started to record her from back and to prove...
  4. jadefish

    how to help create a really good pitcher

    How to get on a team can guarantee 40% pitching time? At 10U, half of the team are pitchers. On a parent coached teams, usually coaches' DD are pitchers. Non-parent coaches are obligated to develop players. So they have to pitch every pitcher on the team. And to be honest, most coaches favorite...
  5. jadefish

    Illegal step/hop?

    Reading this made me feel bad that I made DD stop crow hopping, again. Almost every time, when I read a discussion about IP, I felt bad for stopping her.
  6. jadefish

    Illegal step/hop?

    because for that one, a pitcher can correct it if she pays attention and remembers to step on the mount with hands separated. So once the umpire calls it once, the pitcher has a chance to correct without being called again and again. But for stepping thing and crow hop, pitcher can not change...
  7. jadefish

    Eligibility question

    But 12U pitch from 40 feet with 12-inch ball. Pitchers usually do not play up?
  8. jadefish

    Unraveling Pitching Frustrations

    Yeah, she is the same, really hard on herself. And usually crying started when she was still in the circle. It happened many times now. But last weekend was the worst so far. Just because she thought we got them. But all of sudden things became bad and out of control. No matter what she did, it...
  9. jadefish

    Unraveling Pitching Frustrations

    Thank you. I just bought it anyway because I am afraid that she will quit if we don't deal with it now.
  10. jadefish

    Unraveling Pitching Frustrations

    Thank you for the suggestion. It seems that Derek Mayson's program recently increased the subscription price? Will you be able to get a coupon from him? I didn't buy it when you first introduced the program here because I thought DD was too young. But now, I feel that she probably need some...
  11. jadefish

    Unraveling Pitching Frustrations

    DD had a complete melt down last weekend. We were leading by two runs into last inning and lost the game, first bracket game on Sunday. After the after-game meeting, I still had to hold her for a couple of minutes for her to complete the cry. When she played 8U, she never cried, very composed...
  12. jadefish

    10U pitching evaluation

    Thank you for the suggestion and kind word. But seriously, our team defense is great. More than half of her team are 9 years old, which include two of the outfielders. For any 10U team, anything reaches grass in air is bomb. If it is not within two feet, it is unfieldable. They tried hard. For...
  13. jadefish

    10U pitching evaluation

    Thank you all so much for the advice @rslaubaugh I told her this morning and we will see whether she could get the palm up position @abbygale should she try to to have shorter stride? @DNeeld Special thank you so much for the detailed analysis. Seems that the ball orientation is a problem. We...
  14. jadefish

    10U pitching evaluation

    My DD had her 10 years old birthday this month. She is about 4'8"-4'9". She has been pitching for two years now. We are lucky that we never had any HE pitching coach. Her coaches are all great, every detailed, focus on mechanics.... However, her pitching speed is not quite there. In those...
  15. jadefish

    New toy for Christmas

    I did not realize that my comments make you feel that way. Sorry about that.
  16. jadefish

    New toy for Christmas

    Yes, it really likes a quick pitch. At the beginning of the thread, she looked fine. Then she started to hide the ball behind her. The hands coming together became very short since then. Did her pitching coach ask her to make the change? Why the change?
  17. jadefish

    New toy for Christmas

    USSSA 6.1.D Pitcher shall bring hands together in front of body - No Longer than 10 sec ASA-USA 6.1.C Pitcher shall bring hands together. – No less than 1 sec; No more 10 sec NFHS 6.1.c Pitcher shall bring hands together in front of the body. – No less than 1 sec; No more 10 sec NCAA 10.2.3...
  18. jadefish

    New toy for Christmas

    Good work. But it might be an illegal pitch because she did not bring her hands together longer than 1 second. I think it is still in the rules. But I could be wrong
  19. jadefish

    12U, option on whether to approach player that doesn't want to be there...

    Why girls quit? What is the most likely reason of quitting? My DD is first year 10U. Travel ball is getting serious. She is a pitcher. Her secondary position is becoming bench because they want her to rest. When she gets on base, they will send a runner for her. She never gets to run home now...
  20. jadefish

    The Journey Begins

    You really need a coach, someone who could see the problem and stop it right away before the muscle memory kicks in. Otherwise, it will become a habit and very hard to change. Maybe give online class a try?

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