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    Need a new glove for DD

    DD's glove broke 2 laces at practice on Monday. It is an A2k 12.5" glove. She has loved the glove. It has gotten a lot of use. 3 travel ball seasons, three HS seasons, and most of a college season. She is left handed, 6' tall, has average size hands, and plays OF. What are your...
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    Softball this weekend 5/16

    It would be great to finally talk about some actual softball Who got to play this weekend and how did it go? We are on the way to our practice. A split practice ti keep us under the 10 person limit. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Nice picture at ball impact

    One of the moms from dd's high school team caught this picture right at impact with the ball. I am curious what the experts opinions are on dd's form. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Embrace and Enjoy the DD you have

    I am writing this to potentially help the parents of some of the younger DD's out there. It is a lengthy post and you may want to stop reading here. You need to embrace the DD you have and not try to make her the DD you want. My DD got cut from her first travel team at age 8. She broke her...
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    Question in a tag

    We had an interesting play. The second baseman fielded a ground ball and tagged the baserunner going from first to second. The runner was called out. Her mom is a professional photographer and has a picture that clearly shows that she is tagging the girl with her glove and has the ball in her...
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    Batting Cage questions

    I have the opportunity to put an indoor batting cage in for my dd this winter. I am not sure if the dimensions I have to work with will be ok. What I have to work with is the following. 12 feet wide and a ceiling that is 9-10 feet tall. The ceiling is cinder block so there is no give. Will...
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    DD's first offer

    Today DD was playing in a showcase. A D2 coach asked her coach if she could move to ankther position. DD hit a HR later in the game. After the gane the coach talked to her and offered a scholarship amount and told her she wanted her as a starter on the team at that position. This school was...
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    Advice needed

    DD played in a showcase tournament this past week. She had emailed several college coaches and several came and watched games she played. To be honest she had a terrible weekend at the plate. My thoughts are she should email those coaches and thank them for coming and say she had a bad...
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    DD made 1st Team All State

    So proud of my sophmore DD who made the 1st team Class 4A All State Softball team. She had a great year and played her best in the region and state play-offs as the pitching got better. She deserves it for all the hard work she has put in to get better. Her final stat line .549/.644/1.012.
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    Great HS regional playoffs

    DD had a great regional playoff run at the plate. I wish I knew what the ball looked like to her when it it coming toward home. The way she is hitting it much look the size of a basketball. Regional Quarterfinals: Walk Off Home Run which I already bragged about but had to again Regional...
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    Walk Off HR in Regional Playoffs

    DD hit a walk off HR in last night's regional playoff game. I have included a link to the video. Warning if you have the volume on when you click on the link DW is pretty excited.
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    A different HS story

    Warning this a long post. For those with DD's approaching HS age I wanted to give you a different type of HS story than many we see on DFP. DD is currently a sophomore in HS. As a parent I thought I had a pretty good idea of were my DD stood in regards to the other players on the varsity team...
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    Good Week for DD

    I have to brag on my DD. DD had a good week this past week. IN 4 games she was 8-10 with 3 HR runs, 2 triples, 1 double, 2 singles and 2 intentional walks. Her only 2 outs were a strike out in hr first AB of the week and a failed sac bunt attempt. The highlights included her first 2 homer...
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    JAD are you coming to Blacksburg this weekend?

    Hoping to see your DD pitch this weekend. DD has an away HS softball game Friday night. I have to work Saturday and probably will not make that game either. I hope to make the game on Sunday.
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    DD hit one a mile last night (actually 308')

    DD hit a softball as far as I have seen one hit last night. It hit in the middle of the road leading up to the high school so it was easy to go on google earth and measure the distance. She was excited enough about it that she was up and moving around the house last night till after midnight...
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    What do emails from coaches mean?

    DD recently attended 2 showcases that had a lot of coaches in attendance. Based on the information we have gotten from DFP DD emailed coaches from schools she may be interested in attending. After the showcases she has gotten emails from several schools that she has not previously had contact...
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    Contacting coaches after showcases help please

    DD contacted several coaches with her schedule for Scenic City this weekend. At least 2 coaches watched her on Saturday. Unfortunately her Saturday stat line was 1 for 6 with 2 stolen bases, 2 strikeouts, and infield fly and a line drive lost in the lights. Her Sunday stat line was 3 for 7...
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    One Tournament, Two days, One daughter?

    DD Played in a tournament this weekend. Her stat line from 3 Saturday Games 0-6 2 sac bunts, 1 walk, 0 balls hit out of infield Her Stat line from 3 Sunday games 8-10 2 doubles, 1 HR, 2 SB It was a two hour ride back and forth from the tournament. Saturday evening DD and DW slept the whole...
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    DD Skills Video feedback

    DS filmed and edited a skills video for DD. this was his first attempt at doing something like this. I would like feed back for DS on the video or DD on the softball aspect. I hope the links below work Thanks John
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    The Good, the bad, and the ugly

    DD's HS team played an undefeated and top ranked team in the state last night. This team has a junior pitcher that is going to play for a P5 D1 school. This girl had averaged 2 strikeouts per inning since her freshman year. We had played them at home and DD's goal was not to strike out. She...

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