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  1. corlay

    Team USA vs Japan

    Still dont understand the mandate that softball and baseball MUST share the same facility. Japan already has a robust pro baseball AND softball league. Why not just pick one of each of those venues, and NOT build a new facility for the Olympics? I mean, for fricks sake, they combined bball/sball...
  2. corlay

    Team USA vs Japan

    agree, in that scenario a player probably wouldn't be benched, but dropped from #3 to #8 in the order and/or pinch hit for after going 0-2 in a game? Absolutely...
  3. corlay

    Team USA vs Japan

    I might disagree with this logic. This was a VERY short tournament, with only a handful of games, pool through the championship, not a 162-game MLB season... You need to put batters in the box that are putting good swings on the ball TODAY. With such a limited roster size, EVERYONE in that...
  4. corlay

    Olympics 2021

    amazing how the game has changed in 8 years. Is slap-hitting officially dead?
  5. corlay

    Juarez throwing backspin rise

    OK seems to be doing something right with regard to proper axis for the Rise. Paige Parker was a recently rostered pitcher that also threw a true Riseball...
  6. corlay

    Juarez throwing backspin rise

    was encouraged that Odicci (JMU) threw multiple pitches with differing spin. Drop and bullet, but hey - its a start. Contrast to Fouts (Alabama) that lives on a "located" big-dot bullet heater for every pitch.
  7. corlay

    Duke Bluedevil softball program

    hip labrum tear, if I remember correctly.
  8. corlay

    Doesn’t sound good...

    with PGF's Nationals abhorrent COVID cancellation refund policy in 2020, I wonder if teams are still willing to risk paying for 2021 Nationals? They released a statement yesterday that really hedges all bets. I'd be very wary...
  9. corlay

    Extra year for college players

    an important aspect of this that no one is mentioning: how does coach allocate his/her 12 scholarships to returning 5th/6th year players? Incoming 2020 and 2021 freshman have already either verbally, or NLI with a specific scholarship agreement in-place. Do the players that opt to return for...
  10. corlay

    What would DD do?

    If it were my DD, I would let her decide, and not fault her either way. Reasons to Bail: Because it's a last-minute un-scheduled event. Some coaches think their players are just sitting around, with clear schedules, just pining to play. (To a certain extent, this is probably true.) But kids do...
  11. corlay

    scoring question: Sac Fly

    Yes - This was essentially my question. Wasn't sure if the criteria differed from a Sac Bunt, or not.
  12. corlay

    International Tie-breaker; how do you coach it?

    Ive seen effective strategy, in some cases, to *fake bunt* the first pitch, and if that first pitch is a ball, fake bunt the second pitch also... then swing away for the remainder of the at-bat.
  13. corlay

    scoring question: Sac Fly

    For a hit to be scored as a "sacrifice fly", does: 1. A Runner have to score on the play? 2. A Runner have to advance on the play? (but not score)
  14. corlay

    Latest swings from long time DFP member

    is there an ingrained, conscious cue in effect to "finish high"? I see a purposeful and forced high finish, that obviously has no bearing at all on the swing into and at contact, the forced high finish happens way after the ball is already gone. But maybe this cue helps optimize something else...
  15. corlay

    Front Toss Vid

    You guys are brutal! (not DD's hitting, but my DD had a good weekend at Team NJ Fall Showcase: 7AB, 3R, 3H, 2HR, 3RBI, 0BB, 1SO Links to the 2 HR's: (I apologize for the camera angle!) (I was also filming from the OF on this one, so...
  16. corlay

    College Softball Preparedness

    is 23U not so vibrant in all parts of the country?
  17. corlay

    What does this tell you?

    I'm not seeing an arm bar that is "reactionary" here. His swing starts with a straight lead arm/locked out elbow, it does not transition to it from some other position.
  18. corlay

    Front Toss Vid

    This links to her "channel":
  19. corlay

    Front Toss Vid

    aren't these two aspects mutually exclusive? I say that, because "staying inside" and "letting ball get a bit deeper" is something that we have to consciously think about, otherwise she is a "dead pull" hitter, for the most part.
  20. corlay

    Front Toss Vid

    yes - good observation. This has been a chronic issue that we continually try and work on. Her head is a lot more stable now, than it was say a year ago. But she does still tend to "post-up" on that front leg and drift up and onto it. another goal we are striving for is to let the ball travel a...

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