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  1. Big Daddy Michigan

    Michigan vs. Washington- obstruction

    I couldn't find the video yet, but any thoughts from anyone watching? It didn't look like obstruction to me, but the NCAA rule is so screwed up it's hard to know. She had the ball at contact and the runner changed the path she was on to go into the catcher. The camera angle doesn't show where...
  2. Big Daddy Michigan

    How to use a handheld radar?

    I watched a video that a dude posted and he was using a pocket radar from behind the pitcher. Can you get an accurate reading from there? I've only seen people shoot with the ball coming at them, not going away. How accurate are those? I've heard they can be off up to 8 MPH which generally...
  3. Big Daddy Michigan

    You make the call...

    A guy posted this on Facebook, but never gave the outcome, so I've come to the experts... Question on the NCAA exam that I'm bringing here to get an NFHS ruling. R1 at first base. Batter hits a ground ball towards F4. As R1 takes off for second, F3 obstructs her (F3 had no reasonable...
  4. Big Daddy Michigan

    What is this?

    It's been too long since I've read a rule book. I saw some cats arguing this on a Facebook Group. The kid isn't running in the running lane (there isn't one). He makes zero attempt to avoid contact. One the other hand the fielder is blocking the base without the ball. I can't remember if the...
  5. Big Daddy Michigan

    What is this???

    " will be playing the GSL DHH rule that weekend" Sorry, I'm not up on my jargon, but what the hell is a GSL DHH rule?
  6. Big Daddy Michigan

    Overhand throw speed... what's average?

    I watched a girls recruitment video and she clocked her overhand throw. I don't want to give the number in the odd chance that someone could identify her, but I thought that doesn't seem very fast. It was slower than she pitched, and I'd assumed it should be faster, but they also had the gun...
  7. Big Daddy Michigan

    Can I get a travel ball history lesson?

    Travel ball has changed in definition a lot in the last twenty or so years. I respectfully ask how did we get here. Please read the whole post and understand that I mean no disrespect in the question, but if you only read half the post it may come off as disrespectful. That's not my intent...
  8. Big Daddy Michigan

    Blowing on the ball to make it go foul

    We've all seen the video of Lenny Randall blowing the slow roller foul, but some people were questioning the outcome on a Facebook thread if this happened in a softball game. Now considering it's Facebook, and therefore everyone is an expert, there were a plethora of "rules" being quoted. I'm...
  9. Big Daddy Michigan

    After a walk continuing to second with ball in circle

    Help me out on this one... there is a discussion in a Facebook forum and people are arguing out or safe. I don't have current rule books and can't cite a rule & urban legends of "rules" that aren't really rules are being cited. A batter draws a walk. The ball enters the circle. The batter...
  10. Big Daddy Michigan

    Wait, WTF? Is that the real ruling?

    I saw something I've never seen before in my 40+ years. I don't think the umpires got this right, but I'm not sure what the correct action was. It's probably easy, but the easy is escaping me. NFHS rules Two strikes on the batter no one on base 1 out. The batter swings and misses badly...
  11. Big Daddy Michigan

    Runner interference- maybe?

    I saw this posted by a parent on Facebook. USA rules- can someone cite a rule or some explanation. The description is poor, so lets pretend the runner stopped in front of the SS and was jumping around solely to disrupt her from fielding the ball. His question is below. Umpires I have a...
  12. Big Daddy Michigan

    Bases Loaded Walk- 3rd out recorded prior to the runner crossing the plate

    I saw this being argued on a different forum- Final inning 2 outs & the bases loaded Batter walks The runner from first safely touches second then rounds and is tagged out prior to the runner from third touching home. The question was does the run count. I'm pretty sure it does because the...
  13. Big Daddy Michigan

    Outfield Fence Height

    A friend is on a committee that is building a new field. He asked about the height of the outfield fence. He said Little League recommends 4 ft high, but he couldn't find anything from NFHS. Would a 4 ft high outfield fence generally meet the standards of all rule sets? Thanks
  14. Big Daddy Michigan

    Anyone know about this Indiana Tournament- Top 100 Showcase

    Is it a good event? Anyone know about the results?
  15. Big Daddy Michigan

    Can I get a clarification on different rule sets- foot partially out of box

    NCAA has adopted the rule that the batter is out of part of their foot is out of the box. Have any other groups adopted this rule?
  16. Big Daddy Michigan

    First base coach kicks ball

    Runners on 1st and 2nd. Batter hits the ball shortstop an on the throw to first it's over throw an the 1st base coach puts her foot out to stop the ball but ends up kicking it and it rolls to the fence on first base side. What should the ruling be?
  17. Big Daddy Michigan

    Need help on a Little League Mandatory Play ruling

    Re: Mandatory Play & reentry A team has 13 players. A starter meets her mandatory play requirement (1 at bat). A sub enters the line up & she meets her mandatory play requirement. The starter reenters the game in the exact same position in the batting order. Must the starter now meet...
  18. Big Daddy Michigan

    Obstruction or Interference- where do the runners go?

    I have an idea, but I can't convince myself I'm right, so I'll open this to the forum. NFHS RULES. Bases loaded less than 2 out Grounder to second base 2B misplays the ball, and it gets by her-NEAR THE OUTFIELD GRASS NOT WITHIN HER REACH Runner going from first to second runs over 2b who's still...
  19. Big Daddy Michigan

    How to lose friends and alienate umpires.

    Today I watched two teams I'm not affiliated with in a district championship game. The visiting coach, who is a loudmouth and has a slim grasp of the rules, but is none the less extremely vocal, called an offensive timeout so he could tell the batter to square around with two outs so they could...
  20. Big Daddy Michigan

    I have an umpiring mechanics question

    My daughter is just starting as a Little League umpire. She had an odd play, but she wanted to know what to say. I understand the rule but as an umpire what should you do? On a passed ball the runner slid short and never touched the plate. The pitcher never tagged the runner. My daughter...

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