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    The post-game speech

    DDs team started out poorly this year. First 3 games of the first tournament they played well below the talent level of the team. The HC and I talked about it at the end of the third game. All we told them was that they were playing below our expectations and what we thought their talent level...
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    A2000 for sale

    Schmick relaced dd's A2K. It looked practically new when he was done. DD was much happier to get her old glove back than getting a new glove. Sent from my SM-G991U using Tapatalk
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    Bad team, last season, travel ideas

    We played a team once in Mytrle Beach at the end of Summer TCS tournament. To put it politely they were not good. They had driven 13 hours to play in the tournament. I wondered why they had brought a team of that level to the tournament. Did they not know their level? Did they not know the...
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    New Coach - Where to start?!

    You have received a lot of good advice on the technical aspects of coaching softball. Remember that coaching softball is at its very basic teaching. The same principles that apply to teaching apply to coaching softball. This is true at least up to the point of game time decisions. I went...
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    Struggling player - what to do as a parent?

    Smallfry I don't have a direct answer but my suggestions is to offer to help her work put on her own if you have a place you can do it. The extra reps hitting and in the field should help and if nothing comes of it you still got to spend a lot of time with your DD. As the father of a dd in...
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    How good does our team need to be to get exposure and recruited?

    When DD was first year 16u we went to a showcase that had the college coaches coaching the team. Sometimes that means they are actually coaching and sometimes it means they are sitting on a bucket talking to the other coaches about where they are going to eat or drink that night. In this case...
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    Rec level question

    May be too late now but i would enlist 2-3 parents to help at practice. They were parents who I knew. I would email the assistant coaches before each practice with a written practice plan and ask for suggestions. While the kids were throwing you could discuss each station for practice and what...
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    Need a new glove for DD

    DD's glove broke 2 laces at practice on Monday. It is an A2k 12.5" glove. She has loved the glove. It has gotten a lot of use. 3 travel ball seasons, three HS seasons, and most of a college season. She is left handed, 6' tall, has average size hands, and plays OF. What are your...
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    Senoir Night

    Thanks, She was cleared yesterday for limited practice. Conference tournament starts in 10 days so her goal is to try and be able to play then. Team Dr and trainer are hopeful but we will see.
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    is there such a thing as too much?

    The answer to your question is different for every girl. At that age DD played an average of 100 games per year including spring and fall seasons. It didn't change much at the older ages except around 25 of games were now HS games. DD is now in college. I asked her as we neared the end of...
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    Senoir Night

    DD has worked her rear end off to earn her stsrting apot as freshman. It took till half way through the year to solidify it. Fast foward to senior day at her college and there is a senior who needs to start at her spot. Turns out dd suffered a significant injury in the previous game and was out...
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    1st OTF HR

    Congratulations. You will always remember that one.
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    To you who are sharenting way to much info behind your kids back

    My DD would gladly agree that I am posing as a parent. She may very well have posted such thoughts on line. I am fine with that. She is probably right. My poor spelling and grammar skills are not an indication of my teenage DD posting as me but of the shortcomings of my genes and education.
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    new from Louisiana here to learn whatever I can to help my 7u daughter next few years

    Welcome. I wish I had found this site when my DD was that age. It would have saved me from making a lot of mistakes early on. Lots of good info and good people here. Enjoy every minute. Never turn her down if she wants to play catch or hit. You only get so many chances before they are off...
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    Recruiting - Decision Time!

    Here is my advice 1 Education cost 1a Education 2 Softball AS far as softball goes I think one of the most important things is to go to a place where the coach really wants her. I truly believe this can be a help in close decisions on playing and getting an opportunity for your DD to play and...
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    Travel vs. School vs. Private Coaching Conflicts

    You must know my DD. She is 6'. She is fast. Historically she has been a very successful hitter. However my main point was related to the initial post about coach's instructions. In a highly competitive environment being able to take instructions from your coach and implement them will go a...
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    Travel vs. School vs. Private Coaching Conflicts

    I felt like dd had pretty good swing mechanics but there were things that were not ideal and like everyone she had things that she could improve. Everything he has told her has sounded like it has a sound basis. Some of the things seem to be more coaches preferences to me. We will see how it...
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    Travel vs. School vs. Private Coaching Conflicts

    DD was/is a good softball player. All State since sophmore year. Fast forward to her first year of college ball and her coach has completely changed her swing; hand position, bat position, stride, location in the box. DD had always been so successful coaches had never wanted as many changes...
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    No Fans

    DDs college made the same announcement. I am hoping to get to go to some of the away games but I suspect they will have the same policy Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    2nd DD-made the JV squad

    Congratulations. Nothing harder at the age than living in the shadow of very talented sibling Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk

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