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  1. DiamondDad316

    Repair Bownet Bags

    Have a couple Bownet bags that seams have opened up at the ends of the bags. Looking for ideas on how to repair (not looking to purchase new bags). Send pics of repairs if you have them.
  2. DiamondDad316

    Replacement For GoPro Software

    GoPro is no longer supporting their video software (Studio??). My old computer crashed (boot sector issue on hard drive). Well, I have my videos backed up but not the software. 1) Any idea where I can get access to download GoPro Studio? 2) What other software is everybody using?
  3. DiamondDad316

    Track & Softball

    The other day the track coach asked my DD if she would be interested in running track in addition to softball. I guess there are a few girls hurt (basketball related) and some girls did not return due to getting jobs and other stuff. My DD is committed to D1 softball program. Softball would...
  4. DiamondDad316

    2019 Easton Ghost (ASA)

    Was wondering if Easton has the 2019 Ghost out for ASA, or when the tentative date would be?
  5. DiamondDad316

    All American Players

    Just curious been seen stuff on Twitter about "All American" players and the few I saw referenced were power 5 programs. Is there "All Americans" in Mid Major D1, D2, D3, etc? I've seen stuff posted in the past and have been meaning to post question but end up forgetting. Couple times did...
  6. DiamondDad316

    HS Softball and Track

    Anybody do both high school softball and track? Pros and Cons?
  7. DiamondDad316

    Fungo Bats

    I am considering getting a fungo bat and looking for recommendations.
  8. DiamondDad316

    Slapping Instructors

    Fastpitch Slapping Instructors Looking for any recommendations for fastpitch slapping instructors in the OH, PA, NY, MI areas.
  9. DiamondDad316

    Gift Basket Ideas To Raffle Off

    Our team is planning on doing a fundraiser to help a father with a medical condition. Looking for different gift basket ideas as we plan to raffle off maybe 3-5 baskets. Also, what is typical for the cost for each basket to raffle off?
  10. DiamondDad316

    Back Spin Tee

    I'm in the market for a new tee. Initially was looking at Tanner and Jugs tees, but been seeing ads for the back spin tee. Anybody using it and what are pros / cons?
  11. DiamondDad316

    Throwing Motion Soreness

    Younger DD (14yo) has been experiencing soreness in the back of her armpit (and wraps around about an inch onto her back). Only does this during her warmup when throwing overhand She is a pitcher and was coming off of a 3-week shutdown from pitching/throwing. NO PAIN when pitching underhand...
  12. DiamondDad316

    Stride Length/Height

    Any advantages to shortening the stride length and/or having the stride foot lower to the ground? What's the optimal set up?
  13. DiamondDad316

    Pitch Calling System

    Looking for suggestions on tracking pitches. The HC currently uses a 3 digit system to relay pitches, such as 751, 645, 442, etc are change up, 325, 115, 213 etc, are screw ball. Works well but looking for a way to easily track. Anybody using this type of system would be nice to see examples.
  14. DiamondDad316


    What are the pros and cons of going to a JUCO? Player on our team had a JUCO coach talk to her at a winter individual showcase and were asking for additional information.
  15. DiamondDad316

    Wilson A2000 Break In

    DD got a new Wilson A2000 for Christmas. We will be using it as much as possible, but what are some ways to help speed up the break in process?
  16. DiamondDad316

    Gift For Coach

    DD is a senior and signed her NLI last week. Her college is having an winter camp and my DD wanted to make her a gift (craft) and give it to her while on campus. Is this allowed?
  17. DiamondDad316

    Off Season Slapping Drills

    Our team has 3 slappers were looking for drills that focus on bat control / placement. All are freshman and getting interest from D1 and D2 programs.
  18. DiamondDad316

    DD moving to SS

    DD is playing 14U and coach moved her to SS from 3B. Couple questions: 1) in the market for a new glove and what size is recommended for SS? 2) DD has been doing well but looking to get better on throw downs. Any good drills, videos, etc to look at so we get better?
  19. DiamondDad316

    Unofficial Visits

    When a player goes on an unofficial visit, is it normally followed up with an offer? How does all this work?
  20. DiamondDad316

    Computer Issues

    Been working on skills videos and computer has been hanging up in IE, Chrome, etc. Also running slow. I've checked for viruses and all software updates and all is good. Anybody recommend any software to optimize computer with respect to speed and performance? Looking for anything free. My...

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