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  1. Sparky Guy

    Good Thing, Bad Thing???

    The Governor of Illinois announced the remainder of the school year had been cancelled. That means no spring sports, which softball is in Illinois. I'm sure many other States will be forced to make the same decision soon, if they haven't already. So, is it a good thing for your DD keeping...
  2. Sparky Guy

    The "Slide" Trial

    As a coach reading something like this will really make you ask yourself if it's worth the risk. Slide Trial
  3. Sparky Guy

    This Guy Is Just Too Creepy.

    Saw this earlier about a VB volunteer coach. Volunteer volleyball coach accused of stealing underwear from female players
  4. Sparky Guy

    Another Coach Accused Of Improper Conduct.

    The coach has been accused of walking into the players locker room.
  5. Sparky Guy

    I hope the Chinese Reconsider.

    It seems the Myer clan has found another way back into coaching. With any luck Chinese Softball will reconsider. I know as a parent I would REALLY feel uncomfortable sending my DD to the other side of the world to a coaching staff with their history. Cities in Alabama turn away China's...
  6. Sparky Guy

    A Clueless Medical Professional

    As if young female athletes don't have enough issues to deal with. It sounds like the mom put the nurse in her place.
  7. Sparky Guy

    It can all be taken in an instant.

    A local HS softball Head Coach was killed yesterday. Police suspect hit-and-run crash killed Oswego softball coach | Kendall County Record
  8. Sparky Guy

    Triple Crown Taking Action To Control Unruly Fans

    Unruly fans beware at Triple Crown Events. Bad behavior will no longer be allowed.
  9. Sparky Guy

    Talk about beaning a girl on purpose.

    If this turns out to be true these two guys should be banned forever from coaching.
  10. Sparky Guy

    Jenny Finch Dancing

    Jenny Finch will be on the next iteration of Dancing With The Stars this year. It appears they went with all athletes this round.
  11. Sparky Guy

    Keeping the upright while pitching.

    One of the things that I see a lot of times with pitchers who struggle with control and timing is they will lean their head over towards their front. Often it leads to balance and timing problems. When I see this I will ask them what part of their body keeps them balanced. They will usually...
  12. Sparky Guy

    Help Eliminate The Early Recruiting Petition

    Here is the link to the NFCA site petition to help eliminate the early recruiting nonsense that is happening.
  13. Sparky Guy

    Gary Hanning's Opinion On The Number Of Pitches To Master.
  14. Sparky Guy

    Not softball related, but scarey.

    This player needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for sucker punching a coach twice.
  15. Sparky Guy

    ULL Coach put on administrative leave.

    I would really think hard about sending a daughter to this school in general if this is the way the administration treats a coach who is standing up for his players and all the women athletes at the school. UPDATE: Cajuns softball coach Lotief placed on administrative leave | Local Sports News...
  16. Sparky Guy

    The Texas Charge folded

    The Texas Charge have folded and will not compete in the 2018 season in the NPF. Justin's World of Softball: NPF's Texas Charge dissolved; will not participate in 2018 season
  17. Sparky Guy

    Not Softball -- Great call by the Ref Group

    This is what America has come down to. Catering to a big-mouth crybaby. That guy is one of the worst examples of a role model in today's sports. The removal of the female ref was absolutely weak-kneed. Glad to see the body who supplies the refs to Adidas call them out for being gutless...
  18. Sparky Guy

    Courtesy Runner -- Team out of subs and still uses one.

    Strict ASA tournament rules. No local rules apply. A team has used their entire lineup. No subs available. Catcher reaches base. Coach calls time and asks for a courtesy runner. Umpire fails to realize the team has no eligible runners left and grants them the runner. Defensive team throws...
  19. Sparky Guy

    Delayed interference call?

    Thought I'd start a new thread instead of hijacking the other. Hopefully one of the umps can answer this. I haven't had time to research it. Can there be a delayed interference call applied at the end of a play? My understanding is when interference happens it's an immediate dead ball...
  20. Sparky Guy

    Second NCAA post season tournament.

    Breaking News: Secondary Post-Season College Tournament Revealed in 2017 | FloSoftball

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