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    Gamechanger Team Manager Livestreaming questions

    GC started to beta the video saving feature from livestreaming. I livestreamed a few games this weekend and it does work, I can see the video saved from the GC TM app. I have a few questions for those who have been testing this feature. 1. Has anyone figured out how to download this saved video...
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    GC Team Manager Live Streaming cutting out

    Has anyone have issues with the live stream constantly cutting out? Last weekend I noticed the live stream would stop with a pop-up window saying the video has ended. I had to restart almost every half inning. I had the do not disturb mode turned on, so I don't think it was anything related to...
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    LBR on pop fly to pitcher

    Situation is a runner on 3B and a pop fly was hit directly to pitcher and pitcher catches it inside the pitching circle. The runner is on the bag but when the ball is caught, takes a lead off 3B and stops as if faking a tag. The pitcher is oblivious to the runner and just stands in the circle...
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    Obstruction on attempt diving catch of line drive?

    There is a runner at first. batter hits a low line drive about 8 feet right of 2B. The 2B player dives for the line drive, misses and lands near the base path. Runner runs to 2B but CF quickly gets the ball and throws her out at 2B which was covered by SS. Umpire calls obstruction on 2B player...

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