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    Influencing the Ball Without Touching It

    I found some funny MLB videos and one showed a 3rd baseman trying to blow a bunted ball foul. It got me thinking, which is something I probably shouldn't do. What if you know you can't get a throw to first in time and you approach a slow roller along the file line and quickly use your foot...
  2. K

    Batter interference on a walk

    Just had a batter walk with a runner on third. Runner stole home on the catcher's throw to the pitcher. Blue was slow to call ball 4. When she did, batter started for first and ran into the throw coming back from the pitcher. Blue called runner out for interference. Did the batter have a...
  3. K

    Help Coaching Pick Off

    I néed help instructing catchers on a pick off throw. This is for a 14u, C level travel team and a middle school team. I find they want to throw to 1st against the kid that takes that explosive lead off and it leads to a successful delayed steal as the throw is made. They ignore the slower...
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    Ball Spin Physics Article

    https://m.phys.org/news/2018-11-fastball-unexpected.html Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
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    Need Help with Drill

    I haven't found a good way to help outfielders learn to field hard, line drive one hoppers. They don't want get in front of them and they miss a lot that are out to their side. I can't find a useful progression where I can deliver balls that aren't too hard and, yet, give them a one hop about...
  6. K

    Batter Interference

    Had a situation this weekend where the opposing team's batters stayed in the box when runners were coming home on passed balls. Happened 3 times. This is rec league and our only experienced pitcher was absent. The sanction we play under, I believe, is called "whatever blue decides to make up...
  7. K


    I've got this great shortstop that does some catching. We don't practice catching with her very often. We've talked about and practiced proper blocking form a few times. When she catches, nothing gets by her unless it is very wide or high. Everything in the dirt, she catches in her mitt...
  8. K

    NCAA "about to receive" ma be going away

    Softball panel recommends obstruction rule change | NCAA.com Sent from my Z832 using Tapatalk
  9. K

    Lost Runner Play

    A coach told me about a play for when you have a runner on 3rd, less than 2 outs and must have a run. I think he's planning to try it next week. On a walk, you tell your batter/runner to run out the baseline into right field and, I guess, act lost trying to confuse the defense and draw a...
  10. K

    Rules about walks?

    Last night's middle school game, NFHS rules. Batter walks, passed ball. Batter/runner rounds first goes about 5-6 strides and stops. Looks for ball, continues to 2nd base. Ball is being retrieved by catcher when runner rounds first. She continues to 2nd on throw from catcher to pitcher...
  11. K

    Pitching circle and timing

    Last night at our middle school game, our pitcher would walk just out of the back of the circle to rest and compose herself for the next pitch. She did this with runners on but was completely ignoring them. There was no danger of any of them running, e have a good infield. My questions are...
  12. K

    How to deal with losing?

    My DD plays hard, very hard. She always wants extra practice and is calling plays and encouraging her teammates throughout the game. She does this for, both, softball and volleyball. But, when the game ends, she lets it go immediately. After thier middle school volleyball team lost thier...
  13. K

    Pitching Rules Change

    In my area, travel teams never hold tryouts. Most coaches run local leagues or coach at schools, they all pull from there by invite. This has made me want to create a developmental travel team where I can offer tryouts and take some of the girls that never get a chance. As I mulled this over...
  14. K

    Mako Torq models

    Can anyone please tell me what the difference is between the fp16mk10 and fp16mkt10? Thanks
  15. K

    New Catcher Training

    My DD has been catching only thus fall on her rec league team. Volunteered because they had no one else. We worked on her stance (runner on and no runner), blocking, retrieving passed balls and popping up to throw down. She's a good player and has done rather well. She earned a spot on a...
  16. K

    Infield Alignment

    My DD has been offered a spot on 12U travel team and is practicing with them now. Practices have been great for her. Team is vocal and her situational awareness has improved greatly. I want to understand why he places his infielders where he does. 1st and 3rd are "normal", a couple of big...
  17. K

    What's wrong with a pancake glove?

    I've always loved a well broken in glove. I see posts here saying they are worn out if they lay flat. Is this because kids don't have the strength to hold the glove open?
  18. K

    Slapper batting strategy

    I've always instructed DD when batting to take the first pitch unless she absolutely loves it, swing at the strike 1 pitch if she thinks she can hit it, swing at the strike 2 pitch if she isn't positive it will be a ball. She just moved to the left side and started slapping this summer...
  19. K

    Wearing batting glove inside fielding glove

    My DD is catching on a rec league team for fall ball. Only 8 games and she is using her fielder's glove. She asked if she should wear her batting glove for extra protection and I said "Try it." She did and likes it. Now she asking if she should wear it that way when she returns to the...
  20. K

    Time between innings

    I'm interested in NFHS and ASA. Are there rules for the time allowed from the last out of last inning to first pitch of the next inning? I've seen posts stating 1 minute and some saying 3 minutes. I have a Babe Ruth League rule book that says 1 minute is allowed for 5 warm up pitches and the...

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