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    PGF Nationals Guest Player

    I think the OP's daughter will be playing 16u platinum. Pool (practice) games are Saturday and Sunday. Bracket play starts Monday. This year's 16u & 18u PGF schedule is different than other years it seems. http://www.premiergirlsfastpitch.com/doclib/2021ScheduleOfEvents18U16U.pdf
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    game changer / team manager video question

    We streamed both Facebook Live and Team Manager for high school. One thing nice about TM stream is that there is an overlay with the score.
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    game changer / team manager video question

    My bad. I had gotten an email from GC in March and I misread it. The feature is coming for non-admins.
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    game changer / team manager video question

    You need to have the premium subscription to see the archived video if you are not an admin. If you had the premium subscription from the old GC app, it can be linked to the Team Manager account.
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    designating infield and outfield positions

    At 12U, can you really determine who will be an IF or OF in HS or college? We had the girls practice at one IF position and one OF position in 10u and 12u. We also made sure that everyone got situations work at both their IF and OF positions. My daughter at 12U was an OF. Come second year 12U...
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    Traveling via plane to tournament - what to do with team gear?!

    Our team splits the equipment up with the girls. Other teams in the area do the same. For bucket of balls, just tape the lid to bucket with duck tape. Bownets are not an issue either (I assume they are in the bag). Both buckets and bownets will show up in the oversized luggage areas of the...
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    Rundowns - Anything different from baseball?

    defensive players should either to one side or the other of runner's path so they don't have to throw over the runner. plus if you are in the runner's path to the base, obstruction is waiting to happen.
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    New Bat Purchase

    We had cars broken into at the hotel and bats were taken. After that, our girls always brought their bags with their bats into the hotel room.
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    1st bases crashing on a bunt

    I've never seen that play before. If I were to guess, it would have to be if the ball is bunted to F5 but I don't like that as F3 has to run in front of a throw from F5 or she would have to go around F5. What I see often is that if the ball is bunted to F5 or F1, and F2 would cover 3B. I see...
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    1st bases crashing on a bunt

    On her travel team, it's a sign from the coach. On her HS team, the middle infielders decide based on their experience in travel and 2B would say something to the 1B so everyone's in sync. The HS coach has no clue so MI take the initiative.
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    1st bases crashing on a bunt

    LHP has a harder time to field bunts as she or he has to get around the ball, ie get her/his back facing 1B line to throw the ball to 1B. RHP just has to get to the ball to throw. A LHP can try a backhand flip to avoid getting around the ball but it could be quite a distance for that kind of flip.
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    Does 8U typically go coach pitch?

    Our league is USA and at the 5-6 year old range, it is coach pitch. If the batter is unable to put the ball in play after 4 pitches, a ball is teed up and batter hits off tee. For the 7-8 year olds, kids will pitch. After 4 balls to a batter, the batting team's coach will come and pitch with...
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    1st bases crashing on a bunt

    My daughter's teams from 12u and up practiced and employed both defenses. The one where the 1B stays home was called lefty defense and was typically used for left batters. For righties 1B and 3B crashed. As DD moved onto to better teams and now on an 18 Gold team, both defenses are called and it...
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    Live Streaming from GC Team Manager

    Actually today I received email from GC TM that video archives are available to non-staff members if they have a premium subscription. Now if I can figure out how to upload the video from TM app to YouTube that would be sweet. I know how to do it from a computer using Download Helper but I don't...
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    Gamechanger Team Manager Livestreaming questions

    By association, are asking about the high school athletic body governing high school sports in your area? We're in CA, not aware of any CIF rule about livestreaming. In fact, our local school district has rules for how many people can do livestreaming/filming but that is mainly for COVID/social...
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    Gamechanger Team Manager Livestreaming questions

    Just wanted to provide an update for version 4.01. I have used this version to livestream 3 HS games (7 innings) and I can say this version has really improved the stability issue. In 2 games, the livestream only shut off once and it was within the first two minutes. The other game live streamed...
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    Gamechanger Team Manager Livestreaming questions

    Interesting, I just watched a saved video and it doesn't have the scoreboard overlay like the live stream does. I guess Facebook Live could be good, but watching the livestream from the TM app would be similar for those people who watched the game via the standard GC method. I'm sure GC plans...
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    Gamechanger Team Manager Livestreaming questions

    Doesn't the Team Manager feed have scoreboard overlay?
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    Gamechanger Team Manager Livestreaming questions

    I'm guessing it's saved on their servers. Hope it's not on my iPhone. You open the GC TM app, go to your team and then select the video tab. The video stream icons will start showing up.
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    Gamechanger Team Manager Livestreaming questions

    GC started to beta the video saving feature from livestreaming. I livestreamed a few games this weekend and it does work, I can see the video saved from the GC TM app. I have a few questions for those who have been testing this feature. 1. Has anyone figured out how to download this saved video...