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    How to remind kids to do what we have covered without being a nag.

    Do your kids a favor. Fundamentals fundamentals fundamentals.....make them FUN but reinforce fundamentals. Had a disagreement with an AC he felt we worked on fundamentals too much and needed to work on situational more. My point is/was if little sally can't catch or can't throw the ball...
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    Ghost differences

    Had RMA email within 2 hours of submittal. Warranty replacement shipped within 2 days of Easton receipt. Should be under 8-10 days total turn around time.
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    12U Rec Team Practice vs Gameplay

    Teach them to FAIL FANTASTICALLY. It sounds like you're doing things right. I found when my girls learned to FAIL FANTASTICALLY it got even better. They were making great plays and having fun doing so. We celebrated the effort...eventually the desired results came. But we also practiced...
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    It happened...

    IDK on return...ours lasted 5 weeks..... just sent it back Friday...
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    12U, option on whether to approach player that doesn't want to be there...

    I agree with you that it up to the player work things out... BUT...she's also twelve a good/great coach will help that player develop. A great coach will find ways to connect with the player. Each player will be different. Some need a kick in the butt...some need more positive feedback to...
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    Is it a requirement that varsity baseball and softball be equally funded?

    This is exactly what happened at our HS. Disclosure...had a boy in baseball have a girl in softball now. The Baseball group raised money for enclosed hitting cage. The district said girls had to have equal facilities so the baseball group funded the whole project and the softball group paid...
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    So,...you say you know how to...

    I got to sit on a bucket and help this young lady @ the Pauly Clinic. She gets it. She's a student and growth oriented. She like many players needs the repetitions to work it out...not the lecture. I watched her grow right in front of me. Often is it was a comment or small moment followed...
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    How many outs do we give away

    It sounds like the players are playing fetch, not catch. And really it should be more than catch...it should be receiving. If you are using Wasserman for warm ups IIRC there's a progression of shorter to longer throws to begin...and then longer to shorter with more intensity as they work back...
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    Looking for thoughts, has anyone been through a similar situation with a coach

    d.) While softball clearly is important to you/your DD, the long-term focus should be on school - graduation + college. THIS^^^^^ But out of curiosity....how is HS ball going to really affect her path to college? Should she continue to play HS, yes. But unless there's a super...
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    Our approach is with less than 2 strikes we are a hunter or predator of the yellow ball. 2 strikes we change to battle mode mentality.... But the swing doesn't change
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    Situational.... runner on 1B, one out. putting ball into play and a inning ending double play....no good. I'd take the K and then the next batter having a chance with 2 outs and runner at 1st. 2 outs, and I'd take ball in play every time.
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    That Mom?

    I wouldn't be concerned about the "that mom". do you...do what's best for you. You're not hurting or offending anyone....AND....watch out...soon they will be asking you for video of their DD and to cut clips for them......
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    Travel uniform for high school tryouts?

    Why wouldn't you? Our HS coaches in our district know who the upcoming 6/7/8 graders are at least so they can forecast/project who and how many kids are coming into the program. They also conduct clinics for the little leagues as well. Most of the HS coaches will make the effort to go to TB...
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    Considering gettig a fungo, but have a few questions

    1) Personal preference. 3) Yes mine was worth getting. I got a Mizuno Pro Carbon I'm pleased with it. Durable but more expensive than wood
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    New pitcher training aids

    I think using it to mark where center of the ball is to put electrical tape on it.
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    Coming full circle!

    Love this AD. My DD is still in HS but we are helping out with a younger TB team....and have plans to coach a rec team together in the future as well. Giving back to the game you love and your DD love's is AWESOME. You have so much to give and share with them. Best of success!
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    Paulygirl Clinic - Thank You

    Thanks for the kind words it was my pleasure. MK was fun to catch. Her smile is infectious. You may have 6-9 months of stuff to work on.....but I can see her determination. She's a good listener and quick study. She has a good future ahead of her! Looking forward to hearing about her journey.
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    Leave Your Helmet ON!!

    this is how its done <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FNCAASoftball%2Fvideos%2F10153744147424372%2F&show_text=0&width=560" width="560" height="312" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"...
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    Rawlings HOH Custom: Palm Pad?

    Ken......that's what catchers are for....you're the teacher :)
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    'HONEY you should have had that grounder'

    Wait I thought we were meeting at the horseshoe!