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    Not sliding

    Runner coming into second. Does not slide, but makes no contact with ss. Ss throws to first and throws the ball off the retired runners helmet. Is this interference out at first? Runner wasn't very close to 2nd as it was one of those ground balls that was up the middle where the ss steps on the...
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    So far my dds season had been great. Her team is currently undefeated although had a super tough schedule so any day could be the day. We are ranked 4th in 4A and she has started every game at shortstop and minus one crazy game has been perfect there with some awesome plays. Her bat started out...
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    First HS Hit!

    Super proud of my girl tonight. She has earned the starting ss role for her varsity team as a freshman, but is struggling a bit at the plate going 0-5 in the first two games. Broke out of her mini slump tonight with her first Hs hit and it was a 3 run homerun! I might have shed a tear! Sent...
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    Super proud of my girl for making her varsity softball team. Program is a very strong perennial power with multiple state titles and returned 9 players from last season. Coach was so impressed with the strength of the freshman class that he expanded his roster from its typical size to include 3...
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    Skills video

    Stupid question but how do you all email a skills video. Everything we make says its too big to email. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Shameless brag

    Proud of my 2024 for making it to 64 in the extra innings class of 2024 rankings Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    In need

    In need of 2 CF series 29/18 used softball bats. Please let me know if anyone had anything around that they'd sell. The Ebay prices are insane. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Dropping shoulder or leg issue

    My 06 daughter is struggling with consistency. Overall she is a good hitter with as much power as bigger girls on her team. She plays for arguably the best organization in the midwest. We're trying see what to work on...I see her standing up in her swing, I also see her dropping the back...
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    Front shoulder

    My 12u 06 is struggling with leading with her front shoulder instead of her elbow. We think this is causing her back shoulder to drop. Despite this flaw she is a good overall hitter hitting somewhere in the top 5 slots on the highest level team in our area. However we think this is part of...
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    Used bat

    I'm looking for a used Demarini CF anything in 31/21. My daughter's contracted team bats are not available until May and her current is starting to crack. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
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    Glove breaking in

    Has anyone ever used the glove whisperer break in service...new glove is coming for Christmas and just don't have time or knowledge to break it in properly ourselves. So much bad information out there on what and how to do it. Glove is an A2000 h web middle infielder 11.5 Sent from my XT1585...