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  1. J

    WTS Pro glider bat 444 size 32

    https://progliderspecials.com/product-category/softball/ Pro glider bat Softball 444 size 32 with two balls. $60 shipped
  2. J

    WTS Sold

    Excellent glove. Paid $320 for it and my daughter didn’t like it for her position. It is a high quality glove. It is in excellent barely used condition. Will take $125 shipped for it
  3. J

    WTS Garmin impact bat sensor $60

    Up for sale is my DD’s garmin bat sensor. In great working condition. In the rubber attachment there is a tiny hole that does not affect use see pic. $60 shipped
  4. J

    WTS (Sold) 2021 demarini prism plus 33/23 $275

    Just got this bat 1 month ago at SPC sports. Daughter loved it till we bought the mantra and now she neglects this one. Comes with receipt. 33 -10 Comes with new grip as my daughter likes the 1.8 mm lizard skin grip $275 shipped
  5. J

    WTS Nokona x2 buckaroo fastpitch series fielding glove 12.5

    For sale Nokona x2 Buckaroo series fastpitch fielding glove 12.5 I bought this glove for my daughter last November for $350 from amazon (can print off receipt if needed). It was used in two games. My daughter thought it was too heavy to pitch with. It has been wrapped with a ball in it since...
  6. J

    WTS Sold

    Demarini FNX 32/22 for sale. Very lightly used. Not even really broken in. Bought in June at Dicks. Have receipt, so it’s still under warranty $200
  7. J

    WTB 34" catcher's mitt

    looking to buy a well- padded quality softball catcher's mitt
  8. J

    Revfire original

    does anyone have an original revfire that they are looking to sell? I am looking for a revfire
  9. J

    Internal rotation early? Spin trouble

    Hello all. My DD is 10u and is working on IR. She will have been pitching for 1 year next week. Well, our new PC has his balls taped to work on 6/12 spin for fastball, and we realized she does not get the right spin very often. So, yesterday I slowmotion videoed her and thought it looked like...
  10. J

    Tincher Pitching w/o a backswing

    Hello, I am new here and was hoping some for some expert advice. My daughter is 10u and was taught HE in the beginning. We stopped going to that PC and went solo for a while with help from this site and hillhouse dvds. We switched to I/R and got rid of dd backswing. DD was during great...