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  1. Westwind

    11 billion D1 Softball swings televised in last 2 months

    And I poke around here and mostly see mlb crap. “Same swings, blah blah blah.” I’m starting to wonder if that’s completely true. I see comments out Oklahoma’s hitter not being hlp? Come on. I used to enjoy seeing some of the mlb swings but I’m tired of seeing giant men when there are so...
  2. Westwind

    Smitty, Why do I talk like this?

    Argh. What the hell is she talking about? Why can’t she use normal words and phrases in common usage. Lifted? What the hell is lifted? Is someone getting their truck worked on?
  3. Westwind

    No Big 10 tournament…

    I’m going to lead this off by saying I’m a mask wearer, pretty much a rule follower and I have deferred to the opinions of the health officials because there is pretty much no way that their best guesses are worse than my best guesses. I say that to prevent the inevitable covid bumper sticker...
  4. Westwind

    What 260’ looks like

    I see the 250’ distance by a young player thrown around a lot….
  5. Westwind

    Strike zone... It isn’t just the youth leagues!

    The perspective of an assistant coach at Illinois. I always wanted to laugh, and laugh hard, when a certain tb pitchers dad would say things like “She, (his dd), will get that call in college.”
  6. Westwind

    NCAA rules- ball hits hand

    Tonight’s game- ball partially hits batters hand on bat. Batter did not attempt to swing. Umpire called foul ball. I was not in a great spot to see it but why not hit batter or dead ball/strike or ball? Just a few weeks ago I saw ball hit batters hand with no swing attempt and batter got...
  7. Westwind

    College softball coverage

    Let’s talk about college softball coverage! The good, the bad, the ugly. First of all.... Every 16u travel ball game in the country is live streamed. Come on, colleges, figure it out. If dopey tb dads can figure out how to live stream, you can too. If you aren’t going to allow visitors...
  8. Westwind

    LA consistency, SDLA, Swinggraphs

    Can someone put this chart into layman’s terms for me? Especially the line about 2 standard deviations? I tried to talk my math major wife into sitting down to explain it to me but she rolled her eyes and told me she could explain it but I still wouldn’t understand.... (Well maybe she wasn’t...
  9. Westwind

    “The New Bats Are So Fragile”

    Here is what happens right before the parent trolls all over Facebook about how fragile her daughters 2020 Ghost is and how it broke in 2 weeks. I don’t have video of the drunk older brother bashing rural mailboxes with his younger sisters Ghost but it does exist.
  10. Westwind

    Wilson Win A Glove Day

    https://www.wilson.com/en-us/forms/baseball/win-a-glove-day?cmpid=wil%7Ceml%7Cemp%7CHittingVault%7Cbrand%7Cbb%7C2021-Win-A-Glove-Day%20&utm_source=eml%7CHittingVault&utm_medium=emp&utm_campaign=2021-Win-A-Glove-Day Let’s win this thing!
  11. Westwind

    “Ice Cold Facts”

    Ice T’s Twitter is for mature audiences. It says so at the top of the page! The man does post some very straight forward advice that we all could use. Here are a couple recent ones.
  12. Westwind

    A Letter About Mental Health From A Washed Up College Athlete

    https://alexmartens.com/blog I offer this perspective to parents of current and future college athletes.
  13. Westwind

    College Softball Schedules

    If you see a college team has posted it’s schedule, could you post a link? We have received a preliminary schedule but it would be nice to see what various conferences/schools are looking like.
  14. Westwind

    “Get a Cage Bat” they said!

    Dug this out of the trash today. Once I started thinking about it, I remembered that DD’s original GA lasted longer than this did. And it had a warranty, lol!
  15. Westwind

    Halfbat.com One Hour Sale 3 p.m. Central

    Trey Hannam @ halfbatcom is running a one hour sale at 3p.m. on his excellent half bats.
  16. Westwind

    Anybody cut a bat open?

    I have two Ghosts in my shed that are broken and out of warranty. Probably ought to keep one whole. Anybody ever have the urge to cut one open? How would you do it? What tools? I have a corded grinder, not sure if a cutting wheel would do it. @CoreSoftball20 wanted to make sure you saw this...
  17. Westwind

    Driveline Hitting Plyos Sale (Better version of TCB’s?)

    I did not care for the results I saw of hitting Total Control balls. I ended up selling mine years ago. I see Driveline Baseball has their hitting plyos on sale. You get a 16 pack, four weigh 200 grams, four weigh 250 grams, four weigh 300 grams, four weigh 350 grams. Total control balls...
  18. Westwind

    So.... Barnhill

    I am a day behind watching games on dvr but after looking at my Twitter feed.... Lil’ bit of a rough day again.
  19. Westwind

    Anyone successfully use pitching machine for fielding?

    DD will be home for a LONG winter break starting Thanksgiving. I’m trying to start thinking of drills we can do with what we have. I have a lane with thin carpet over concrete. I have a three wheel pitching machine. Has anyone used a p machine to successfully work on ground balls? Tips on set...
  20. Westwind

    Banded separation drill

    Saw a reference to “banded separation drill” by Coach Lisle. I could not find any reference to it here- (that usually happens because everyone strives to have their own terminology...) I did find this...