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    New Bat, New Glove

    Another bat purchase from Core. After trying almost all of the bats out there, we found the PC years ago and haven’t swung anything else since. Since the F21 is a little lighter, Core recommended trying a drop 9 last year and it’s been awesome! Try as many bats as you can and you’ll...
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    WTS F20 and F21 Power Carbons 33/23

    2020 $110 shipped 2021 $150 plus shipped Both are in great shape, especially the F21
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    AFX Gear

    Anyone have this gear? Looking for sizing answers about the chest protector. I bought the Evoshield chest and my daughter doesn’t care for it. For that price I’m not keeping it if she doesn’t like it. We ordered the 13.5” and it was too small anyway. I want to try the AFX and I’m not sure...
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    Easton Small Batch

    11.75 inch Easton Small Batch 53 “Butcher Bird” infield glove. VERY nice. Thanks for all the advice ANNASDAD! My daughter loves it. Now we have two gloves to break in!
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    New All Star Mitt

    I’ve read that ANNASDAD is great at spending other people’s money!!!! Just kidding. Awesome guy who knows his stuff. This is going to be a great glove when it gets broken in. Wait until I post pics of the fielders glove next week. 😳 Heard it’s going to be stiff!!!! Not a Rawlings though...😞
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    ZV Tee

    Thoughts on this thing? https://www.zvtee.com/
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    (SOLD) 2019 PC 32/22 and 32/21 $120

    Two PC’s for sale. $120 shipped for each. Neither was used much, especially the drop 10 as it was a backup bat. My daughter outgrew the drop 11 before it got much use. Both bats are in great shape. Unfortunately the drop 10 does not have a warranty and the drop 11 expires next month.
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    Umpire Gear

    For all of those umps out there, what is your recommendation for gear for a brand new ump? For now I’m just starting out this spring with local leagues and maybe younger travel ball tournaments. Maybe in a year or two I’ll transition into some older (16u/18u) tournaments. I’m assuming I...
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    A hitting coach (at a small group hitting clinic) told me my daughter needs to incorporate some tilt to get the needed backspin to drive the ball deeper. He likes the rest of the swing. Can anyone explain this in a simple way? Maybe a side by side pic of tilt vs. no tilt? I don’t know...
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    Bats For Sale

    32/22 Zen - Like New condition. Comes with receipt (6/4/19) and warranty. $190 or Best Offer (SOLD) 31/21 ASA Ghost - NIW. It is a warranty replacement. $150 or Best Offer (SOLD) 31/21 Combat Maxum - Excellent condition. $90 or Best Offer Prices include shipping. I can post extra pics if...
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    2019 CF Zen

    So, I’m looking at two 32 inch bats right now. One a drop 10 and the other a drop 11. I would never have thought that the barrel of the drop 11 is longer?