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    DD's new Glove

    After 3 years of a Allstar Vela DD got a new glove as she enters HS ball this spring. Just arrived this week. It is a custom build from Rawlings. HOH, 12" with a Finger shift. She really used the Vela to death. It was a great glove for the money and served it's purpose. She's really...
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    Player Communications App 14U

    We currently use TEAMSNAP to communicate with parents and keep schedule updates. I had read somewhere here on DFP about an app that coach(es) used to communicate directly to their players but it also kept a record of the communication. I liked that concept that kept a record of the...
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    Catcher Obstruction or foul ball

    Catcher is set up really close to batter. Batter swings and makes contact with the ball resulting in a foul ball. The catcher reaches in to catch the pitch and the batter hit the catchers mitt as well as fouling off the pitch. I called time and asked the PU. He told me that because the...
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    Bat blocking the runners path @home

    Runner on 2b. On deck batter is on the 3B side of the field. Batter hits a line drive to right center. Drops bat right in the 3B line. Runner on 2B is sent home but as they get to near home realize bat is laying right across base path where they are going to slide. throw from CF reaches...
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    Home Book Rules?

    Two situations this last weekend. 12U USA Softball Tourn First situation on Saturday. We are visitor. Runner on 3rd with two outs. Batter has 2 strikes. She asks the umpire for the count. He says 1 BALL 1 STRIKE, holds up his hands for everyone to see turns to both dugouts with his...