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  1. 2sDad

    Worst Non Softball Sport for Softball Players

    My DW played softball and golf in college (DIII). She quit softball after freshman year because she did not get along with the coach. She ended up in our college's Athletic Hall of Fame as the first 2-time all conference women's golfer. Golf did not mess up her softball swing. She was one of...
  2. 2sDad

    Home run!!

    Great hit and great swing!
  3. 2sDad

    1st Home Run!

    Congratulations Dad and Maggie! Great swing on that inside pitch. Awesome memory and many more to come.
  4. 2sDad

    HR Records

    Great hitting!
  5. 2sDad

    Varsity, High Honor Roll and mystery award!

    Way to go! Congratulations on varsity as a freshman. Let us know the mystery award when you find out!
  6. 2sDad

    1st OTF HR

    Congratulations! Just as exciting for the parents as the player!
  7. 2sDad


    Great job! Keep us up to date on how she does this season.
  8. 2sDad

    First HS Hit!

    Wow! Congratulations to your DD ang2bmd! What a great moment.
  9. 2sDad

    What does your HS provide?

    Pay to play is $140 per sport with a family maximum of $525 per year. DD plays volleyball and basketball too, so $420 for the 3 school sports this year.
  10. 2sDad

    What does your HS provide?

    School provided, to be returned: 2 Jerseys, 2 pants, helmet, backpack, windbreaker School provided, player to keep: socks, belt Player provided: cleats, bat, warm weather clothing for under jerseys (Michigan spring), yard sign with name and number! This is her first season of school ball and I...
  11. 2sDad

    Varsity HS softball has started..

    Great job! She has a lot going for her with that swing and power!
  12. 2sDad


    Congratulations to your DD ang2bmd! What position(s) does she play? My DD will be on varsity again this year as a sophomore, but has yet to play a varsity game thanks to the season cancellation last year. Cannot wait for the first game in April!
  13. 2sDad

    D1 Walk-ons

    Here are a couple of stories about a player from our area and my daughter's organization that walked on at Michigan. She was an all state pitcher, but they brought her on as a bullpen catcher. Pretty cool experience. https://www.mlive.com/kentwood/2014/11/morgan_swift_named_to_u-of-m_s.html...
  14. 2sDad

    Vision problems - Lack of Convergence

    Most optometrists will check for those issues during a standard exam. Certainly, if you ask them specifically to see if they have the issue, they can evaluate it. The link should list providers in your area that do test for binocular vision issues. Good luck and keep us updated.
  15. 2sDad

    Vision problems - Lack of Convergence

    BrianTx01 I am an optometrist. Yes, convergence issues can be treated quite successfully. In your area, you can find an optometrist that specializes in binocular vision and offers vision therapy. Information of convergence insufficiency can be found here https://www.covd.org/page/convergence...
  16. 2sDad


  17. 2sDad

    Wilson A2000 V125 Web Option

    That is one good looking glove after the modifications!! I love the gold laces.

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