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    Travel ball pracice

    Dd pitches on a 14u team. Doesn't play other positions. Team practices include sliding for all players. She still hits for her position so fine with that. Now team is starting diving drills for fielding. These drills causing shoulder soreness. She's noticing it when getting her pitching...
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    Outlaw video help

    Thoughts on back swing.
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    Backswing - thinking of getting rid of?

    DD is a lefty. She is very comfortable with having a backswing but it goes way behind her back. Shoulders not even close to being square with the catcher. She has a tendency to always stride way over to the left (worried a little on this because sometimes part of foot outside pitching box)...
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    What to focus on???

    DD has pitched 3 yrs of travel and is in 13U. She has been working on going from a pusher to a puller since Jan of 2019. She has a bad habit of pronating too early instead of leading with her pinky. Spending most of our practice time doing lock-it-in and 9 O'clock drills. I noticed in the...
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    Bucket Dad from PA

    Hello all! Thanks for the invite. My family and I live in Erie, PA. My daughter is 13 yrs old and is in her third yr of travel. Her main passion is pitching. Looking forward to some good discussions on mechanics. Happy Friday!

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