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    Exposure in upstate NY

    I have a girl who has contacted two DIII coaches in upstate NY. She is a 2011 living in the south and as such, doesn't play in showcases that attract these coaches. My team is willing to host an "exchange." Our girl would practice with the team for a week and then play in a showcase that these...
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    Informal visit

    What can be expected on an informal visit? Is it a campus tour, tossed your daughter a softball and said show me what you can do, a polite sit down in an office environment. What have some of your experiences been during an informal visit?
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    How do slappers avoid tight pitch?

    In an unfortunate incident this weekend, a left handed slapper was hit on the right wrist by a pitch. We teach a still batter to turn into the the plate to cover the wrist, fingers and face and take a pitch on the back or shoulder. This doesn't work with a batter whose momentum is carrying them...
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    Throwing speed relationships

    Somebody mentioned the relationship bewteen overhand speed versus pitching speed in an earlier post. I don't know that I saw a specific answer, so I will ask: What is the relationship between overhand throw speed and pitch speed? Should one be faster than the other? What about walkthrough...
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    Direction of college softball

    Given some of the responses in this forum and the current economic situation, what is the prospect of college softball programs? I would find it difficult to believe that softball is a money maker for most colleges, so does it survive simply because of Title IX? Will the Olympic elimination...
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    When to slap

    I see plenty of material on how to slap, but none on when to slap. What advice exists for knowing the game situation, then reading the defense and determining the best left handed batter approach. Example, runner on first and second, one out, I do not want to power slap because of the potential...

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