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    12U Hitting "Slump"

    12U, 5'4" bat is 31/20. Was hitting well in April first few tournaments. Last three weekends hitting slump. Coach plays those who hit on Sunday game two (she's one of the best fielders and is now on the bench for that game). Have been practicing, part is mental. We get it, but she wants off the...
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    Dilema .. what would you do?

    !4 U going to Fla ... we can't go. Coach wants us off his USSSA roster and has stated that my DD's "will never see the field" because he is getting players ready for Fla and only players going to Fla will get field time. Our choices are: 1. Pay ($1150) remainder of fees and stay on team..sit...
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    USSSA Berth roster rules

    Team won berth to USSSA World Series placing second place October 2010. Roster of 14at that tournament. (limit appears to be 15). Two players cannot go to this Florida tournament. Coach wants to bring two players from another team that has not yet won a berth. Not use two original players in...
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    Which TCB ball ??

    Looking at the TCB ball choices. One is more front toss ... the heavier one is T or side toss. I can't buy both ....which one would be better for a hitter who has a slow swing ? (14 years old)
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    Fundraising Approach: Fair or Unfair: A Philosophical Dilema

    Two teams … team A & team B Tournaments: 1 (large, requiring airfare), 2 (medium 4+ hours drive), 3(small local up to 2 hours drive) Both teams have been accepted to play at all three tournaments. #1 for two will be approximately $1600-$2000 (more than 8 days) (five game min), #2 and #3 for two...
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    Looking for bat 12 year old under $200

    My DD is 12 ... 5'2" around 90 pounds. Current bats are 31/18 (old Osterman Aluminum that is about 5 years old and her bat of preference)and 31/19 (Zephyr) (handed down from sister) ... looking for a decent bat under $200 for a Xmas present .... Saw the Synge for $160? Catalyst? Demarini...
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    Roster USSSA is it ever closed or final?

    USSSA FLA July tourn ... or any tourn ... is the roster ever officially set ...or does this change for every USSSA tournament? Pony pretty much set when submiited for the season...not true for USSSA?
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    Roster 15?

    When we signed up and paid the roster was going to be 12. Today I was told we would be a roster of 15 .... Details don't matter other than when I asked last week I was told roster 12 ... Today I asked why I wasn't told this (15 on roster) last week (or when we paid) I was told it was none of my...
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    Grand Slam® Baseball Wiffle Golf Ball Pitching Machine

    Can you tell me if this is a good training option? Typically I've not been a huge fan of pitching machines .. but we could do this in out basement. (four kids, 14, 12, 9, 6) (not buying anything at the moment, but if a job comes me way, we would look into a top 5 to help with batting) Grand...
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    Worst weekend ever

    OK ... team actually did OK ... came in 2nd. My DD had the worst pitching weekend she has EVER had ... she literally hasn't had this "Off" of a day in two years. ... she did come home after three games feeling awful (sick) yesterday .. pitched not so good and added team errors ... we went one...
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    Negative Move Or Not ?

    OK ... I've been going over the "11 year swing analysis" thread inthis section. Along with comments from my "14 year old swing" thread in Practical. Looking at videos posted of some of the best hitters around .. some have a very significant "negative" move, some almost none .. Why? Which is...
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    14 year of two videos hitting ... opinions?

    Taken today: 9th grader in a high school fall ball game (pitching fine, 3 hitter (3 nice hits last inning) (no BB) and we won 14-0) This first resulted in semi hard line over 2nd baseman: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcLOv0eh7qU The second resulted in a decent grounder up the middle...
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    Cute Cartoon

    Only 26K miles in 20 months for us.
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    digging a trench

    Referring to the indoor versus outdooor pitching surface thread. How do we fix the trench digging? My DD make a ? (question mark) trench ... after a while hole in front of rubber makes it look like she is leaping up .. a couple inches deep .. video shows her going pretty straight across hole...
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    Candrea DVD set for hitting

    Wondering about this DVD set ... $135 plus shipping for the 5 ... Saw V1 on Amazon for $15 and wondering if we should get that and see or is the set really worth the entire set? Getting cold and dark and starting to put together our baseball/softball batting routines for the basement. Three...
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    Are BLEM bats OK to buy ?

    I get these e-mails from time to time for bat sales ... today was a sale on BLEM bats ... some with warranty some without .. Examples: Demarini CF4 ST "Insane Edition" Fastpitch Bat WTDXCFI-11 -10oz 2011 BLEM No Warranty $199 (list $329) Demarini "White" CF3 Black Fastpitch Bat 2009 -9oz...
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    Pix of 12U hitting .. any thoughts?

    My 12 year old DD .. playing 14U this year. I did not get any video but wondering if you see anything obvious .. 90 pounds, 5'2" batted over .600 July LL All Stars 11/12 .. a little intimidated for first 14U Tourn this past weekend .. not much hitting for her this time.
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    How many coaches/Managers per team?

    Pony, USSSA and ASA .... Is there a limit to how many coaches in dugout/bench? I often see a parent or coaches wife doing scorebook outside dugout ... Wondering what that limit is ....
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    Pitching coach CT

    My DD is 14U, 9th grade. Mid 50's and pitching 4 pitches fairly well ... FB, 2-seam (drops/curves), change up, drop ball. She doesn't get knocked around ... good at corners and FB & 2-seam also several speeds so batters don't get too comfy with what is coming next. Her mechanics are pretty good...
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    How Important Is Fall Ball?

    14U team is considering not doing Fall Ball ... $1000 per team ... Travel team only league. Looking at 4-5 Fall Winter tournaments instead .. Current players pay $700 for the coming year, new ones $900. Seven tournaments, uniforms, practices inside in winter. Fall Ball about 10 games ...

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