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    There has been talk on here from different posters about creating power with the legs and the hips via rotation or through leg drive. There have been many pros who talk about not rotating or staying straight as long possible when they swing. Weird? Been saying this for awhile now. Can a hitter...
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    TM vs JF

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    Kinematic sequence

    Saw this. Thoughts?
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    Bat Path

    Bat path seems to be a high priority around here. So what is a good bat path? Is it flat like Ted Williams and Barry Bonds or vertical like Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera ? Is bat path better if it’s more north to south or east to west? Are there different cues for a north/south guy than an...
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    Guru IIII

    Podcast wouldn’t work . Nvm.
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    Launch angle and some other IMPORTANT things

    https://www.mlb.com/video/mlb-central-demos-launch-angle/c-1931275783?tid=7417714 So watched this a few days ago. Some really trendy launch angle stuff. But Kevin Millar really laid out some good things in his analysis. He put the basic fundamentals of hitting out there for all to hear. He also...
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    Swing Plane Issues I think ?

    DD has a pretty good swing. Planing seems to be a problem sometimes. Is this a sequence problem? Or maybe I need to teach a front arm action ? I notice her front leg locks out pretty quickly( not much bend or for very long). Maybe that could be the cause? I also notice there isn't any 'hand...
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    Josh Donaldson pioneer?

    Check out the interview. Very cool. Wish it was longer. https://youtu.be/8x5udwPiwek
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    Looking for feedback

    I have posted here before. I have read this site for years with great success . But as always trying to get my DD and myself better. DD has been working on turning the barrel better , or I should say creating separation better, which seems too turn the barrel more naturally. I'm interested in...
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    Thank you!

    Recently my DD has been verbaled to play at a D1 school with a very nice offer. I'm writing this thread just to thank all of the people on here whose advice I have followed about mechanics and training that I found mostly on this site. DD was recognized for her bat, pitching and defense. But...
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    Summer 16

    Been working on getting dd swing to a hlbb swing. Hits well and hard. Not consistent as I would like. Misses are rollovers. Critique is welcomed. Thanks in advance. I Still don't understand fully , the front arm ( keeping close to chest)or separation(right at toe touch). Any suggestions are...
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    Hitting program

    Hello everybody , Ive got a new team this year and were a good mix of talent. But none of them have a regular hitting coach. So I've taken it upon myself to run hitting practice myself . They are 16u . They are looking for college exposure . Any staple drills you guys think will help at this...
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    Got bustos??

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to buy the bustos DVDs . Apparently ruthless sports is not operable. Gotbustos isn't working either. Anyone know where I can purchase them? Or anyone want to sell me theirs? Thanks . PS tourney is starting . PAC 12 is looking dominant as usual
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    Outside pitch mechanics or approach?

    Hello , First post. Long time follower. My DD is 14u 2nd year, first year HS. We have been using epstein mechanics for a year, with good results. Only problem we are having is she has issues with the outside pitch. Her power is good . Swing is good. DD does not want to change her mechanics...

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