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    Rebuilding/creating a culture

    I'll get to the point. My DD's 16UB team stinks. Nice girls, but they are not good. DD's pitching okay -- so is the other pitcher -- but we're averaging 4 errors a game and aside from DD and two others, no one can hit -- team BA is .266 and OBP is only .320. We aren't even taking walks. We're...
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    Best place to video from?

    We're going to start videoing our games, because right now we suck (16B, batting .215 as a team, 45 errors in 11 games) and we're looking for anything we can do to help the girls improve. We thought by taping the games, then having a team review session with all of them, the girls could better...
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    Long foul balls -- to catch or let it drop?

    I was watching my beloved Gators last night playing at UCF. Tie game, top of the sixth, bases loaded, one out. Long fly ball hit to foul territory in left. The OF made the catch, allowing the third-base runner to score and go ahead. Was that the right play? DD and I had the discussion after...
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    Has anyone use WINreality?

    My son got an Occulus 2 for Christmas, and I was wondering if anyone had experience with using virtual reality batting training. Their facebook ads look good, and they seem to be used by a lot of colleges. It's not too pricey ($24/month) and maybe it could help. Anyone have experience with it...
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    Max number of plays in a 1-run inning

    I'm helping DD with a story, and we're trying to figure out the max number of plays that could go into an inning that ends with 1 run given up and bases loaded. I'm figuring 7 -- four base runners, two outs and a batter at the plate. Does that seem right to everyone? She'd like to get two more...
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    Quick question for teams that have been more successful than ours

    When you get to the championships in a decent-sized tournament, are most final games seven innings or do they still have time limits? This would be 18U-B, mid-level travel tourney in someplace like Wyoming or Colorado.
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    Wild pitch versus passed ball

    Is there a concensus about this? Obviously anything uncatchable -- over the head, wide on either side, pitch hits the bull -- are wild pitches. But what about the pitch that hits the plate, or the ground at the catcher's mitt? What's the assumption about a pitch outside of the strike zone that's...
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    Dealing with gay/bi players

    Hi. I'm starting to feel a bit like a drama queen on this board, but this is a subject that's recently come up on my daughter's club team and I wondered how other people dealt with it. I'm going to preface this by saying I don't care about someone's orientation. And also that my DD is not gay or...
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    Coach or GM?

    In reading the boards, and in a few years of being around the game, it seems like a lot of coaches are more interested in being General Managers of their teams than coaches. They actively recruit the best players available, and often sort of expect them to come onto the new team already...
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    Helping a heartbroken daughter

    This is going to be kind of long, because it's all kind of raw. So I hope you'll bear with me. My DD is a rising junior. She's played since she was 8, she's played comp ball the last two seasons. All of that was targeted to playing for the high school team, though she's loved her comp (and to...
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    We're hearing rumors around Colorado that Batbusters has sold to Prodigy, but I can't see anything on the inter webs about it. I know they are both SoCal based, so I wondered if it was true, and if it was true if it was national. Anyone heard anything?
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    Pitch count for a day?

    Does anyone have recommendations for a maximum pitch count for 16U? My DD threw 178 pitches today in three games. and I don't know if that's overtaxing her or not. She's never been overly accurate, but she's not walking many. Because of that and our rather lax defense, she just ends up...
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    Creating a team

    Hi everyone -- We currently play under a P&R department, but as the larger organizations move into our state and area, they're making it harder on us. for this season they wanted us to move down to C, and they've put lots of restrictions on uniforms and coaches and such. Our coach is great, but...
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    USSSA thinks we're sort of getting back to normal, sort of not

    They've opened their Space Coast All-American thing to everyone, no tryouts required. So thy must think Florida will be open in late July, but also realize they can't hold tryouts before then. Everyone who comes makes a team, it says.
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    USSSA Extends season through August

    They sent out a release today that they are pushing the season's end back to Aug 31. If your daughter was to age out in August, she's now good until September 1. They say it'll open up five more potential weekends to play. It also extends team insurance another month as well.
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    At what point do you cancel the season, start talking about refunds

    So far this has only cost us one tourney out of 13, with two more likely to be cancelled because they are within the next three weeks. But at what point -- and I'm not saying we're there yet -- would you as a parent say there's not enough season left to save? We play a fall HS season, so...
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    Accuracy problems

    My DD seems to be able to have enough speed, but she has issues with controlling where the ball goes. As I've looked for coaching videos and such, I can't seem to find what dictates that. Lots on strength and power, but not a lot on accuracy. She tells me that it's a matter of how her body is...
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    What rules do you have for playing?

    We've got our first tourney this weekend -- got very lucky in March for Colorado -- but my daughter had academic problems this week that had us questioning whether she should be allowed to play. She's one of two pitchers, so that would make things hard on her team if I didn't let her go at all...
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    Scoring errors

    I’m taking over scoring our book this year. When I scored for Rec teams, I was always kind to the defense — errors were reserved for dropped fly balls or balls thrown high over heads. But I’ve realized that might not be fair to pitchers or to hold players accountable. So I was wondering how you...
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    Hello from Colorado

    Hi. My name is Matt Adams and my daughter plays 16U B. She's a pitcher and has been playing comp ball for two years after playing rec for 6. She's also on the high school team (they play a fall season here). I'm not her coach, but I am the one she turns to for advice and I'm her biggest...

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