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  1. CMMom1740

    DD found her dream school and went for it: SUCCESS STORY!

    DD is a 2022 C/1B. She has played for A-level TB teams for the past 3 years (the ones before that were probably B teams in hindsight). Before COVID hit, she had her eye firmly on a mid-major DI school here in the South (highly-touted liberal arts university). She has been in contact...
  2. CMMom1740

    Opinions re: Game Strategy: Bush League or nah?

    We have a new Coach for HS this year. Don't know a ton about her background other than that she played softball in high school (pretty sure not in college) and that she has helped with coaching other teams in the past. But she has a very baseball mindset (I think maybe she assistant coached...
  3. CMMom1740

    Well Dagnab it; first game back and this happens.

    So, we have our first tournament back this weekend post-COVID and it's an important showcase here in the SE. We're playing our first game of the tournament. DD is catching and took a pitch in some kind of wonky way to her glove hand. She is not sure if it just jammed her thumb or what. But...
  4. CMMom1740

    DD approached to play lacrosse; good idea or no?

    DD is a 2022 catcher. She was approached today at school by one of her teachers, who is the Head Coach of the Varsity Lacrosse Team. He basically begged her to consider coming onto the team next year (e.g., a year from now; her junior year) to play goalie. I'm guessing the current goalie must...
  5. CMMom1740

    Fell Victim to the Chinese Change Up

    Disclaimer: I'm not a pitcher's parent, so this was new to me. We were at a TB tournament in FL, HIgh School Division. Pitcher on the other team (who is a 2023!) threw the craziest pitch I've ever seen. Come to find out it's called the Chinese Change Up. Our batter was starting to catch on...
  6. CMMom1740

    College Camp: Money Grab or Real Exposure?

    DD (2022) has been doing camps at schools ranging from D3 to big SEC schools. I've learned a lot over the past 3 years regarding how to differentiate real Exposure camps from money grabs. We've seen pretty much the full range. DD went to camp at a D1 mid-major today that she's been to several...
  7. CMMom1740

    Got the No Lefty Catchers speech from a College Coach

    So, some of you may be familiar with my DD as I've posted about this before. She is a lefty catcher and has been quite successful with it. Along the way, we have periodically run into TB coaches (mostly those coming out of baseball) with an inherent bias against lefty catchers. Part of the...
  8. CMMom1740

    DD's Throwdown in ITB

    To set this up, we're playing in the Elite 8 State Championship series against a very good team. Game is tied at the end of the seventh and still tied at the end of the ninth. Rules are that we go into ITB at the beginning of the tenth with a runner on second. By way of background, DD is a...
  9. CMMom1740

    State Championship Game-Rain Delay Rules

    So, my DD's high school team fought admirably through the Loser's Bracket to make it to the State Championship Game in our division. This is Georgia, so GHSA rules apply. We were up 3-2 in the 6th when it began raining. I mean monsoon-like pouring, but no lightning. The sixth inning ended...
  10. CMMom1740

    Unimpressed at TCS East Coast Nationals in Myrtle Beach

    We are currently at TCS East Coast Nationals in Myrtle Beach. 16U team. We had a late game last night that was due to start at 8:15 PM. Weather app said that sunset would be at 8:25. As the game started, we're all noticing that the lights are not on. We played half an inning and then it was...
  11. CMMom1740

    Weighing Options for next year

    This concerns making a decision for the 2019-2020 TB season. Entering 2nd year of 16U for a 2022 player, so it's a very important year. So, let's say that a HC who is very well-known in the local TB scene and has lots of college coach connections is deciding to make a move from coaching at the...
  12. CMMom1740

    Tournament Game Scheduling; VENT!

    We played in a 3-day tournament this weekend (16U). Our Saturday pool game schedule was reasonable; games at 9:00, 12:30, 4:00 (one game break in between). Came in second in our pool and had our first game Sunday at 10:00. These were seven-inning bracket games. We won our first game and the...
  13. CMMom1740

    Illegal Bat Issue Observed at a Tourney

    This was a PGF 16U tournament last weekend. I was only halfway watching the game because our team was playing on that field next. At the end of the game, HC of the losing team approached the umps re: a girl on the winning team using the Gold Ghost and was saying it was an illegal bat...
  14. CMMom1740

    Potential Team Mutiny; Horrible Assistant Coach

    This is 16U A-level team. Head Coach is fantastic and the original Assistant Coach is as well. My DD had a stress fracture in her foot over Dec/Jan, so we were out for a while and missed practices. When we came back for our first spring tournament in February, one Dad was now serving on the...
  15. CMMom1740

    Reflections on First Varsity/HS Season

    So, sadly, we were eliminated last night, just missing the Elite 8 who were going to the State Tournament next week. Heartbreaking game where we were down 6-0 at the end of our first inning, fought our way back to tie it up, and then a girl on the other team hit a 2-run HR that we couldn't...
  16. CMMom1740

    First Varsity Bomb!

    She had two on the same field in MS ball, but this was her first time going yard as a freshman on Varsity.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PxSSSUVEwKcP3sKSeTSjKGaYhjMAvHq7/view
  17. CMMom1740

    Tryout Season (aka Silly Season)

    It's time for that most annoying of chores; TB tryouts. Yes, teams are still playing with their current teams, but the craziness begins about this time of year. You can add many gripes to the list. Here's one of mine: Let's say your DD is interested in City Gold Elite Organization (made-up...
  18. CMMom1740

    Most memorable dugout chants you've heard...

    OK, so this chant is pretty bush league and I would be embarrassed if DD's team ever used it, but I have to admit that I cracked up the first time I heard it... Our pitcher threw a wild pitch way above my DD's (catcher) head. One girl in the other team's dugout yelled, "GET A BUCKET!" and then...
  19. CMMom1740

    Throwing mechanics off due to previous injury

    So, 14 year old DD had a diagnosis of rotator cuff/bicep tendinitis this time last year. Went through PT and the whole nine yards. Last spring/summer, we (parents, coaches) noticed that she had developed some "compensatory" bad habits in terms of throwing while she was in pain. She's bringing...
  20. CMMom1740

    Rules/Guidelines for Parents at Showcase Tournaments

    Our 14U team has a big one coming up this weekend, our first with this coach. I, personally, am glad to have these guidelines. I wonder what others think of them, especially our TB coach DFP members out there. Here's his list for us: Just as a reminder: - Make sure that you do not sit...

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