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    Is it a requirement that varsity baseball and softball be equally funded?

    It's not a sport by sport thing, it's an overall funding. In order to have a valid complaint, you have a net situation where the girls programs as a whole get less money than the boys programs. Most school cover this by having more girls programs than boys programs. So something like cheer can...
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    What would you do?

    She ought to have fun, but leaving a team in the once a season has started -- if there's not a compelling reason -- is kind of a crappy things to do and a crappy message to send. Especially with travel teams if they've limited their roster to give girls good chances at playing time. She should...
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    Coach/Umpire relationship

    To those of you who help us out by umping, thanks! We apprecaite you making our girls' games possible. I've never yelled or complained to an ump. But in the stands, is it bad to say something like "oooh!" when a pitch I thought was a strike was called a ball? Or something like "you've given...
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    Rebuilding/creating a culture

    I'll get to the point. My DD's 16UB team stinks. Nice girls, but they are not good. DD's pitching okay -- so is the other pitcher -- but we're averaging 4 errors a game and aside from DD and two others, no one can hit -- team BA is .266 and OBP is only .320. We aren't even taking walks. We're...
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    School ball Coach not pitching DD

    My DD's gone in several time with a five-pitch warmup, a few times in games where she'd definitely been told that she would not pitch, so she warmed up at first. In school ball it happens a lot.
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    USA vs USSSA

    USA has had a tougher time staffing umps for us. Lots of one-ump games.
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    Is it ok to skip 16U?

    There is this to consider. 18Us are full-grown women. Their interests and conversations are those you'd expect from college girls. So that means your daughter might be exposed to dugout and practice conversations you'd rather her not have. As a freshman on the Varsity swim team, my daughter...
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    Best place to video from?

    I think I'll have a day to put it together, because the current plan is to make Monday movie night -- team bonding and watching the games with pizza or popcorn. I know this team well enough to know the girls won't do it on their own, and they need to have the mistakes pointed out. We think we...
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    Too many, not enough dilemma

    I thought about it a little more, and maybe do this: Sign everyone who you would have signed anyway. Sign up for as many tourneys as you can. You've got the extra revenue from the extra players. Then have the girls choose. Have them signup for which ones they want to play. Guarantee...
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    Best place to video from?

    Josh, I'm using a pair of GoPros. Have you found you get enough out the behind-the-plate cam to see the outfied? And then the other one I thought I'd just leave on the batters. We're all righties, so i could just go to the right side of the backstop and put it there. But the other thing I...
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    Best place to video from?

    :) I thought about it, but they're banned in most places we play.
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    Best place to video from?

    We're going to start videoing our games, because right now we suck (16B, batting .215 as a team, 45 errors in 11 games) and we're looking for anything we can do to help the girls improve. We thought by taping the games, then having a team review session with all of them, the girls could better...
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    Too many, not enough dilemma

    We're a 16 B team and are having all sorts of issues with numbers. We've got 11, and between proms, dates, jobs, SATs, college tours, failing classes and just general being 16 conflicts with parents, we've played with either 9 or 10 every tourney this year. If you're a good enough coach and...
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    I got some news today that really bothered me about a girl leaving sports completely

    Funny that the softball and volleyball girls are the same group at your school. At ours it's practically a shooting war. Pre and early teen girls are rough, sports or not. I always hoped that my DD would get some self-affirmation and appreciation for her sports journey, but lots of times it...
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    Don’t Touch the Players

    While we all regret some of these changes in expectations and behavior, let's not overlook the reason. Studies show that somewhere between 2 and 10 percent of female athletes have reported being sexually abused by a coach. While it's a small percentage, it's not a small number of girls. The last...
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    Don’t Touch the Players

    I think a grown-ass man chestbumping high school girls has all sorts of not great optics. Especially in front of a crowd. Touching them at all would be risky, if not actionable in some cases. So OP was right to be skeeved a bit -- I imagine a lot of viewers were as well. RAD made the best...
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    Don’t Touch the Players

    Male coach or female coach? Shouldn't make a difference, but does.
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    Long foul balls -- to catch or let it drop?

    That same situation cost Florida the WCWS game agains UCLA a few years ago (the ump blew the call at the plate, but if the ball drops it's not a question).
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    Long foul balls -- to catch or let it drop?

    I was watching my beloved Gators last night playing at UCF. Tie game, top of the sixth, bases loaded, one out. Long fly ball hit to foul territory in left. The OF made the catch, allowing the third-base runner to score and go ahead. Was that the right play? DD and I had the discussion after...
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    *POLL~14u~whats your opinion on mandatory...

    If a team thinks that outside lessons are crucial to development, then they should provide those lessons with coaches who teach what the team wants taught. Increase the fees, schedule the time, hire the coaches, whatever it takes. Don't make it a required add-on to the projected cost -- put it...

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