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    Rule question. Batters foot out of the box.

    Does contact have to be made if the hitter's foot is on top of the plate when she swings for the umpire to call the batter out?
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    Unimportant Gamechanger stat question

    I was going through the stats in Gamechanger for a few games we played this weekend. How is it possible to have a higher batting average than OBP (on base percentage)? 3 games, so a very small sample size. If a player is thrown out attempting to get a double or triple. Does there batting...
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    A little humor

    Picture of our daughters after a softball tourament this summer.
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    What would you expect coaches/tournament directors to do differently when we return back to play

    For the sake of this discussion, assume that we return back to play in mid May-June 1st. I understand that may not be possible but I would rather not discuss when we are returning. What would you expect or like to see coaches and tournament directors implement to reduce the likelihood of...
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    Pitcher backswing question.

    Have been playing around with my daughters backswing, and have a question. Do you think it makes any difference if the hand is in front of the ball during the backswing or if the hand is behind the ball during the backswing? From watching video, I see some pretty high level pitchers that all...
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    When will travel ball start back up? Poll

    What is your best guess for when travel ball will start back up?
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    Good news for the womens Olympic softball team.

    https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/olympics/ct-olympics-womens-softball-mlb-20200123-irgeyavaynbnpgbe2zw3fk562a-story.html Looks MLB is going to sponsor the women's Olympic fastpitch team. (y)
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    Passing along information. PGF rule changes

    I received an email this morning stating that PGF softball will be following the lead of the NCAAA in terms of allowing the pitcher to have one foot behind the pitching rubber. Also, the email says that all corner infielders and pitchers will be required to wear a face mask for 12u and below...
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    Wilson A2k 1721 vs Wilson A2k David Wright

    Is the Wilson A2k 1721 a replacement for the old Wilson A2K David Wright game model gloves? Can't find many David Wright game model gloves except on Ebay. Both gloves look very similar.
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    Hillhouse? Critique that riseball to Shay Knighten

    When Shay Knighten hit that game tying home run, the first thing that came to mind is what would Hillhouse think about that pitch call. LOL.
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    Gamechanger question phone app

    Is there a way to check stats on the Gamechanger phone app for just a few games? It is very easy to check the stats for a few games on a laptop computer. All you got to do is select the time frame that you want to see, but I don't know how to do that on the phone app. I would like to see how...
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    Swinging and missing on purpose. Thoughts??

    I was watching a high school game a week ago. I can't say for sure but it looked like the one team was swinging and missing on purpose when the runner on first base was stealing. The batter would swing very late, I would say the ball was in the catcher's glove when the batter swung. I understand...
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    Travel ball coaching equipment checklist.

    I would like to hear from some fellow coaches about a list of equipment that you bring to tournaments to keep your day and team organized. Even some things that you don't need at every tournament but come in handy in a pinch. One thing that I am particularly interested in is a bucket organizer...
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    9u pitching video. Please give advice

    Post #21 has some updated videos of what I am hoping is in the right direction. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e3y7DeagcY Please let me know what you think are the biggest things to fix with my daughter pitching form. She is a 9U player and there is certainly a lot to work on. Things that...
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    USA Women's hockey team

    Congratulations to the USA women's hockey team. The winning shootout goal for team USA was incredible. That is the type of game that should not have a looser, so fun to watch. Man, am i tired this morning for some reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoSWvxeBiWc
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    Most important tournament to win out of the year?

    Which tournament would you consider to be the most important tournament of the year to win? Being that my daughter is only 9 year old I am pretty new to the softball world and I am learning as I go. Is there one tournament that is hands down the best tournament to win? It seems like the PGF...
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    Tryouts? What is the #1 thing coaches look for?

    With many of us heading into tryout season in a couple weeks. What do you think the #1 trait coaches are looking for in a tryout? Here is my list, and it is in regards to a 10u team. #1-Hitting- If you can hit you can probably find your way onto most teams. #2-Speed- In the game of...
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    Explain the difference in all the CO. Tournaments. IDT, Sparkler, Firecracker.

    Can someone tell me the difference in the Colorado tournaments that are going on. Which one would be considered to have the best talent. Are the different names for different age divisions? What sanction are these tournaments? PGF, ASA, USSSA, etc? Feel free to add any other info that would...
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    Stories about the worst umpire calls. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

    I would like to hear about some of the worst umpiring calls you have witnessed in a game. All this happened in the same game. We are up hitting and the #2 batter on our team hits a pop up over the first baseman's head. The ball lands about 10 feet to the left of the right field line and...
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    Umps looses track of the count. Any options?

    First game Saturday morning. Very first batter of the tournament. The count is 3-1 and the pitcher throws another ball; should be ball 4 and a walk. Nope, umpires says the count was 2-1, and that was only ball 3. I am keeping the book and of course I tell the umpire that that was ball 4, both of...

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