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  1. CMMom1740

    Terrible human being

    Yuck. Unfortunately, this is not the last coach you will see like this. If your DD continues on to travel ball, she will have to be prepared for this sort of nonsense. Pitchers do have it the worst and I always admire these girls for keeping a cool head under this type of insane pressure...
  2. CMMom1740

    Colorado Sparkler 2021

    I forgot rental car expense. And if you haven't already rented a car for July, there will be few to none available. Two years ago, there were NONE available when we arrived and the one we had reserved was not available. What a huge cluster that was.
  3. CMMom1740

    Colorado Sparkler 2021

    My opinion and only my opinion: if you are not in Power Pools and are not interested in attending college out West, it's not worth the expense. We went two years ago and were placed in far-flung parks and never saw a college coach once. The trip was fun and Colorado is beautiful, don't get me...
  4. CMMom1740

    First college OTF homerun in walk-off fashion.

    Way to go, Gabby! How exciting for you! I hope your team films games so that you can save that one for posterity! Were any of your family there (I don't know COVID protocols at your school)?
  5. CMMom1740

    Should she give up school ball?

    In that case, skip the school ball. She'll get more out of playing at a higher level with real competition and not a hodgepodge of ability levels.
  6. CMMom1740

    Should she give up school ball?

    I don't know what state you are in, but here in GA, we play school ball in the fall. All the TB teams respect that schedule and do minimal or no practices or tournaments until school ball season is over. So, basically, there's nothing happening travel ball-wise in GA between mid-August until...
  7. CMMom1740

    Recruiting - Decision Time!

    Besides all the usual questions above, you need to ask how the extra year of eligibility due to COVID is affecting the size of their roster for the next several years. DD (also a 2022) was interested in a mid-major D1 school, but they acknowledged that their roster will be 25-30 for the next...
  8. CMMom1740

    Couple of quick recruiting questions

    We hired a recruiter who did virtually nothing for us. What a waste of money that was. DH wound up taking over and created a website that housed videos and showcases them in an easy to view at a glance way. DD has a Twitter page and has it linked to the website. If you want to DM me, I'll...
  9. CMMom1740

    10u rec league- very little support from parents

    Send out a SignUp Genius and get parents to sign up to help in the dugout and bring snacks for each game. HC does NOT need to be doing all of that. Sometimes you might even have to shame the parents a bit (get Team Mom to do that part).
  10. CMMom1740

    Best Chair for Parents/Fans???

    The rocker is great and I've had one for at least five years. My only complaint is only one cupholder. Would be great to have two (one for a drink and one for your phone).
  11. CMMom1740


    That center fielder though! She is something else.
  12. CMMom1740

    What to do after testing positive for COVID-19

    Hmmm... and your "advice" to OP about "staying away from mainstream news." It's enough info for me to get a good idea about who you are and what you stand for. If you can't tell by now, I'll have a rebuttal for anything you will come up with. I will refrain because I have better use for my...
  13. CMMom1740

    Rated the best coach in TB? Why? It's a Crying Shame.

    We do, however, have Texas Glory and Tennessee Mojo here in GA. The East Cobb thing always makes me laugh a little too.
  14. CMMom1740

    Rated the best coach in TB? Why? It's a Crying Shame.

    My DD picked up with a team with a HC like the one you're describing several years back (except without the prestige). We had no idea going in that it would be this bad. After they lost a game, he also had a VERY LOUD conference and said such lovely things as, "You guys SUCK! You're a bunch...
  15. CMMom1740

    College softball coverage

    On SEC network yesterday, they aired the Tennessee/Miami of Ohio game with NO commentary. Nothing. Just the game itself. WTF? Does the SEC spend SO much on football that softball doesn't even get announcers anymore? Or did the announcers get COVID and just not show up? And can we talk...
  16. CMMom1740

    Blanket Waiver for D3

    The school that DD is committed to announced this week that they will only play home games and will not travel. But there's still no schedule online yet, so I'm not sure what is going on.
  17. CMMom1740

    Most out of touch parent story

    Excellent question. And I have no idea.
  18. CMMom1740

    Most out of touch parent story

    DD (catcher) got screamed at by our former HC when the ball was hit to the fence and the outfielder had trouble finding it and couldn't throw all the way to home in time to get the runner on third out. According to him, she should have been screaming, "Four, four, four." Um, Barry Bonds would...
  19. CMMom1740

    To Showcase or Not?

    I think it's kind of hard to say at this point because COVID has changed so much about how people are going about recruiting. The advent of Athletes Go Live has made it so that you can get exposure from any tournament anywhere as long as someone is willing to work the camera, the scoring, and...
  20. CMMom1740

    Cold Weather Games

    I feel for the girls in that weather. My DD has told me how much it hurts your hands when you hit the ball in cold weather like that.

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