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    46-45 final score!

    That is when the umpire says to himself "I wish I was paid by the hour" :ROFLMAO: What a shirt show!
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    Strike zone question

    I agree with both of these responses. How is that possible? :ROFLMAO: The strike zone is all over the place. Not just from game to game, but in some instances it changes dramatically from inning to inning.
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    Seen in a game this weekend.

    Great post. It is amazing the amount of coaches that do not understand that you can't argue judgement calls such as, a force out at first base. In my experience, the two calls that I end up asking for an umpire to get help on are plays were a first baseman pulls their foot off the bag on a force...
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    designating infield and outfield positions

    I would vote a hard no on that question. I agree with many of the post above why this should not be done. Couple more reasons that have not already been mentioned for why I would vote no. 1- It would be difficult to practice some of the outfield cut plays with only 5 girls. You really should...
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    Missing home on HR

    I watched all 3 of the Oklahoma vs Texas games last weekend. OU slaughtered Texas in all 3 games. Whether or not Texas is really a top 10 team is arguable but the way Oklahoma hit the ball that series was very impressive. The freshman Jadya Coleman has a beautiful swing. I was very impressed...
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    How deep to play shortstop?

    Not the best video for showing depth at shortstop but if you watch enough of the video you will see that she sets up at all different depths depending on the batter. So many variables depending on arm strength, footwork and how quickly the shortstop can transition to releasing the ball. A good...
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    Hitting Equivalent to High Level Throwin

    I would say that there is not an equivalent to Wasserman throwing in comparison to hitting. Have you ever seen some of the discussions in the Softball Hitting Technical forum? Those guys can't agree that the sky is blue.
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    Timing - is it this simple?

    :ROFLMAO: That is exactly what I was thinking when the video ended. :ROFLMAO:
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    Long foul balls -- to catch or let it drop?

    I would like to see the play. I am assuming this ball was hit pretty deep. I am letting the ball drop.
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    Travel vs. School vs. Private Coaching Conflicts

    All I would like to add is that I am happy that my daughter's jr. high does not have softball.
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    What makes the perfect umpire?

    I want the umpire to agree with everything I want. I also want the umpire to changes his mind when I tell him that my batter was safe at first base when he called her out. I also want a bigger strike zone when my pitcher is on the mound than the opponents pitcher.
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    10u rec league- very little support from parents

    Seriously, don't do all the other stuff yourself. There is no way I am bring after game snacks to a game that I was the head coach for. When the game is over and one of the girls ask where is the after game snack? Tell them none of the parents were willing to bring them so you don't get one...
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    Can you hit like this?..lol

    This method seems more mechanically correct.
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    Rule question

    I got a great idea. I am going to take 6 girls and line them up in a line to block the view of the runner on first. I would use 7 girls but I need a pitcher, a catcher and someone to receive the throw down to 2nd base. Who is the genius now? ;)
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    Teams that join out of state Organizations

    Personally, I think the Firecracker, Batbuster, and Bombers type names have gotten so watered down that it does not make any difference at all anymore. At this point you know if you are playing the real teams. These secondary franchise teams rarely get placed on the good fields at big...
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    Best overhand throwing basic instructions

    Yes. My daughter was at a Wasserman clinic in Illinois yesterday. They did discuss slot throws/sidearm throws.
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    Got asked to Live Stream College Game.

    Very nice camera setup. We were practicing at Rosemont last Sunday. It was very hot inside the dome, probably 80 degrees inside. I am guessing that it was so warm inside because of all the snow we got last weekend. Heavy snow and a dome do not mix well together. If that snow builds up on the...
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    Cold Weather Games

    That seems too cold to me to be playing.
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    Most obnoxious parent

    Their pitcher was good, the girls really came to play that day. Was the SS their best player or was it the pitcher?
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    Most obnoxious parent

    First game on Sunday morning last year at 11u Nationals in Des Moines, Iowa. I watched the head coach and 3 different parents get kicked out of a game. After the game was over, I thought the parents were going to have a Royal Rumble in the parking lot. They were arguing amongst themselves, not...

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