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  1. admin

    Introduce Yourself Here....

    Welcome to Discussfastpitch.com. Please be sure to post a little about yourself and why you came by. Please also read the rules of the Community here. https://www.discussfastpitch.com/threads/forum-rules-and-guidelines.12/
  2. admin

    New Software Error Report Thread!

    OK folks, so it's live. Please be patient as we work thru any issues we missed. REPORT those issues here, you can also send me a PM (or now they are called Conversations) Please post an image of the issue, URL, any specific info you have would be great. Thanks in advance!
  3. admin

    New Software...

    Hey Folks, Been lurking here plenty last few weeks. Waiting for this mess of a server move to end. Just a heads up finally ready to change software. The plan is to do it this coming Sunday. The initial conversion went great, I think folks will first find it mostly the same and a bit cleaner...
  4. admin

    ANNOUNCEMENT: New owner for DiscussFastpitch.com

    To all DFP members & visitors: It is with mixed feelings of happiness, nostalgia and gratefulness that I am announcing that i have sold the forum and passed the torch to a new owner - Congregate Media. It's with happiness because i know the forum will be in great hands with Congregate Media...

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