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    DP/Flex, Re-Enter and Run for Pitcher/Catcher in MLB!

    Watching the Indians bat a pitcher in a National League park last night as well as the Cub's Kyle Schwarber have to sit because of injury (while hitting big in DH role earlier) made me think wouldn't it be really interesting to get rid of DH in American League and put fast-pitch rules in both...
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    Senior Year Course Correction: Try to Find a Late D1 or go the Juco route?

    We have a player on our 18U team that has matured late and would be a very solid D1 recruit but is getting a late start at that level (and as a team we've placed most of our girls in below-D1 the past few years anyway so that's an issue too). She's a SS/C. We'd welcome any advice. Is trying to...
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    Roster Size - 16/18U Exposure Team

    I just would love some thoughts from both COACHES and PARENTS on best roster size at this age and for a high level team -- what works, what doesn't, why, considerations, etc? TKS.
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    Too much tee/soft toss analysis, not enough analysis of hitters under pressure?

    No video (or accusation vs. anyone here lol), just a thought and question. All of the tee work and soft toss analysis we see on this site is fine and valuable. But I have a new group of 18U girls this fall and I'm very happy with their ability to both look decent and have good, consistent line...
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    Backspin Tee

    Saw this for first time today -- and only $399! Any thoughts? The Backspin Tee - Turning Baseball Upside Down
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    How to teach zone hitting

    I want to more actively teach this type of an approach, rather than just talk about it and hope hitters have some idea how to actually do it....so looking for coaching ideas/tips, etc... - What is your philosophy of zone hitting? When necessary? HOW to execute it? vs. hard thrower? vs. change...
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    Hit and run strategies

    Context: 18U/high school age. Tough to steal. Sacrifice bunt execution is fine, but would like some additional options to "make things happen." Questions: do you use hit and run as core part of offensive strategy? What do you tell runner? What do you tell hitter? I'm most interested in: What...
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    Ted Williams handset

    I worked today with a younger brother (he was about 10) of one of our girls. It was a refreshing change. I started to explain to him why we use tees, and that the Cubs and Sox have tees under the stands that hitters work sometimes even right before an at bat. I asked him what baseball team he...
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    Catching footwork - Getting the last bit of pop-to-pop improvement

    We are working with our 18U catcher to improve her pop to pop time. She's about 1.9 right now. She's coming off a sore arm last summer, so there's just getting her confident in throwing all-out again. But she also does a footwork thing I have a question about. Instead of sliding to replace her...
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    Insurance for Individual Instructors/Coaches

    We all spring for insurance for our teams and to play under various organizations. My question is to coaches/instructors who give individual lessons (pitching, hitting, team clinics, etc) to players outside their own team(s). Do you take out your own insurance, to protect against injuries to...
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    Is getting doubled off on a line drive bad luck -- or bad baserunning?

    Or a bit of both. We've been doubled off a few times in recent weeks in some bad spots. Overall, we teach to balance up after taking a strong lead, and finding the ball. But a line drive tends to get even less-aggressive girls leaning, and aggressive girls taking off. We've been trying to talk...
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    How do you define stretch?

    Whether it be in an HI stretch-and-fire context, or just generally as used within swing mechanics? What is stretched and where? Is stretch felt across the back only, or are abs/core engaged in a meaningful way? Is hip coil part of stretch? How would you best describe the action and feeling of...
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    Teaching outfielders to read ball off the bat

    We've identified the need to work with our outfielders on getting a better jump on balls. Any suggestions on: 1. Best outfield ready position to get a good break on a ball 2. How to teach reading the ball off the bat -- ie, pitch, bat angle, etc. 3. Anything else -- outfield (and infield)...
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    Give me your ruling

    Here's a play that happened to us this weekend. Second and third, one out. Ball hit to centerfielder, who makes the catch and then throws home to try to get the runner on third who tagged. Runner is safe. A coach notices that the runner on SECOND never tagged up. She left the base, watched the...
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    New Kobata DVDs

    I have his first DVDs, like them a lot. I see he has three new ones. Has anyone viewed them? Specifically, is the team drills DVD the ONLY substantively new one? Meaning: If I have the original two individual skills ones, are the NEW individual drills/skills ones "new" enough to warrant...
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    Is this new Demarini bat cracked or "scratched"?

    Bought a new, in the wrapper Demarini CF4 Insane. In one of first uses, against live pitching, regular ball, 60 degree day, DD's bat had "this" happen to it. It also sounded funny after this. I say "this" because Demarini called it a scratch. I sent it in for replacement, it seemed like a...
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    Softball Team Travel by Plane

    Any suggestions for softball travel by plane as far as bags and equipment? Do you check their regular bat bag? What do you do with bats? Any no-nos or don't-do's based on experience? Any bad experiences with broken or lost bags/equipment? TKS.
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    Thoughts on this swing

    Hi everyone, would love some feedback. Playing with making GIFs, hope it works : >
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    Front Toss Portable Screen

    Lots of talk about the value of front toss lately, I definitely agree. We have permanent screens for indoor but I'm looking for a portable screen to take to the field. Have seen Juggs, Bownet and PitchSafe portable screens -- anyone have recommendations? I'm much rather spend around $100 then...
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    How do you keep team from taking step back when you lose #1 pitcher?

    I help coach a 13U travel team (which we've had together since 10U). We had the luxury of a stud pitcher this year and even though we were young team we finally broke through after a few years of work to win a few14U tournaments. We are losing that pitcher this fall (she's our only girl moving...

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