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    Is this paint or a Crack?

    Is this a Crack or just the paint?
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    Power carbon vs lxt

    Which bat swings lighter or is true to actual weight?
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    Slapper bat

    Anyone know which bat has the longest barrel length between mizuno, demarini and Louisville?
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    Anna’s dad - Bradley glove

    Anna’s dad. My DD absolutely loves the Vinci 1961 12.5 outfielders mitt you recommended. It’s already Nice and broke in. I took your advice and had it replaced. Unfortunately looking at your post I’ve developed a glove addiction and couldn’t resist this one. Here’s a pick of it for you should...
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    Catchers mitt - Annasdad

    Catcher on my DD 14u travel team is looking for a new mitt on a budget of $100. What’s the best option?
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    Outfield glove 14 yr old

    My 14 yr old DD plays CF and 2nd base. She will start high school this year. Currently using a Bradley 12.25 due to extremely narrow wrists and fingers. I am looking for a good outfield glove to last through high school. I have had her try on some gloves at Dicks when we were out of town and...

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