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    Sliding Pivot Foot on Windup

    So, long story short, DD and PC have developed a windup that includes sliding the pivot foot during the wind up. Seems to help with her balance and keeping her hips driving forward (instead of opening too early). Well. this has caused some commotion over the last couple weeks. Does she...
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    Anyone listen to any softball podcasts? Recommendations? Could be anything from NCAA to coaching travel to mechanics
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    Tracking Pitches

    Does anyone have an app they use (and like) for tracking pitches? I know GC does some of it but it seems a little cumbersome. Looking for pitch thrown, spot hit, strike/ball/hit/etc. and the associated stats like GC has. Any recommendations are appreciated
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    Older Bat Info

    To all the bat gurus and folks with older DD's. I picked these up in a bundle I just bought. I was wondering if there is any value/interest in them? They all seem to have normal scratches but they hit well. They are all 32/22 Ok, I am having trouble uploading the picture so here are the...
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    Frustration with Glove Swim

    Just as the title says...total frustration with glove swim. DD is 2nd yr 12u and a pretty good pitcher. Walks almost no one, throws about 75-80% strikes and locates well. The issue is, shes frustrated because shes looking for more speed. Her PC (who teaches IR) has reinforced what we already...
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    2019 Bats that are NOT the Ghost or the Prism

    With all the talk about the Ghost and the Prism I haven't heard anything about any other bat. I was wondering if anyone had any info on the 2019 crop of bats out right now. We will probably be in the market pretty soon but would like to get a bat we can use in multiple sanctions. Any...
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    Team Placement

    Well, its silly season again with all the tryouts happening and again we run into a question I am sure has been asked here before. Do you put your DD on a team that is less competitive where she will play a lot or on a more competitive team where she will still play but not as much? Items for...
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    Perils of TB

    The unfortunate side of TB. Im sure we have all experienced it at some point and to some degree. Ill spare everyone the details but it comes down to this...having the best intentions and a decent moral compass only sets you up to be burned. Wanting to provide a quality environment...
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    Helping out the other team

    We played a team this weekend that should not have been in this particular tourney (or any other tourney for that matter). We got up big in the first, batting the order before even getting an out. My question is this...is it better to start stepping off for outs, or letting the girls hit but...
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    Has travel ball hurt your local rec programs?

    So, DD2 is 6 and still in our local rec league. We had our skills eval a couple weeks ago and the enrollment numbers were way down from when DD1 played there (yep, shes one of the ones that left rec for travel). It seems like over the last 2 or 3 years the explosion of travel teams has eaten...
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    Bottom Half

    Im not sure if anyone has studied this or has a way to quantify it but how much of the pitchers speed, power, etc. come from using the bottom half of their body? Reasoning behind the question...DD (10y.o. first yr 12u) was struggling the last couple weeks and when I had a chance not to be on...
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    First Tournament Success

    I think this is my first shameless parent brag post so here goes. Had our first tournament of the season this weekend and DD (10u) pitched a no hitter!! Only faced 10 batters with 9K's and 1 walk. It was fun to watch. I asked her if she could hear me cheering for her and her response...
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    Glove Suggestions for Lefty Pitcher

    Good morning!! I'm looking for a little help on a glove suggestion for my DD. Almost 10 y/o and a lefty pitcher. Shes been using an L-Slugger Zephyr for a couple seasons because it came broken in (mesh on the backside) but it has become a bit too soft. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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    Wind Up Swingback

    Well, in the most recent search for the lost pitch our PC made what I thought was a big change. She eliminated DD's swingback. Eureka!! We've found it!! At least we have for the last 2 days. I just wanted to get some feedback on the swingback. Is it advised or is it thought of poorly? Does...
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    Realistic Image of DD

    Ok, I starting to wonder if I am crazy (well, crazier than I am already aware of). My DD is 9 and as far as I can tell is a decent pitcher. She is on a pretty good 10u TB team as the #2 pitcher and I am one of the AC's. Recently two other teams have shown interest in her to come play for them...
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    10U Confusion

    Good morning DPF friends. I am hoping you guys can help me with come confusion I am having. Since finding this wonderful site I have read about everything I can regarding 10U pitchers (my DD is 9 and was #1 pitcher on TB team last season). This is where the confusion comes in. I am seeing a...
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    The Illusive "Lost Pitch"

    My 9 y/o DD has been pitching for about 10 months now and really loves it. She just finished her 1st TB season. We are struggling a bit with consistency. She pitched great at the last tournament but then lost her pitch shortly there after. As of last night, I think we may have found it again...

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