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    13 IP 5-7-19 Ole Miss

    Sorry if its already been posted https://www.softballamerica.com/stories/ole-miss-georgia-series-overshadowed-by-13-illegal-pitch-calls-in-first-two-games/
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    core, hips, muay thai

    more than just the hands to pack a punch or hit a ball
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    I am sure you all have seen this, but I found it interesting and video plus explanation helps me understand what to look for in a swing.
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    H2O vs Beer

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    noticing a little bouncing on mound

    Watching LSU vs Oregon DVR. LSU 27 Shelbi Sunseri 6'0" can't help to notice her footwork style.
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    14U Pitching Glove - A2000 Custom?

    Who to contact in here regarding a new glove for DD? And what size and how long should we expect it to last? Any other suggestions Welcomed. Thanks
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    High of -16F Tomorrow and Low of -32

    Thought I would start a new old thread on Front Side Resistance from reading other General posts. Something to do while in deep freeze. Thanks go out to all Forum Members for what ever I post has been posted..... ReCapp Viewing Video on You Tube with DeskTop or LapTop....enlarge to Full...
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    core, hips, yoga....

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    Live Streaming You Tube & Android 101

    Would like to Live Stream with Go Pro and Android. Would like to Live Stream softball games vs SD cards, rendering, uploading, etc. Any tips on how this may be done yet? Believe this can be done with IPhone, but looking for an Android Solution and You Tube. Thanks.
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    Skills Video - not mine DD

    Just Stumbled across this video. My DD is only 13 right now and I am kind of impressed with what this young lady has in her skills dept. I like taking Video and this just shows the different angles needed in putting together a video package. 3-4 years away from posting our own skills...
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    Last night

    Discussion after hitting practice last night with HC. He says this is how his girls have been taught. Also Says to focus on top 2/3 of ball. Thoughts
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    UCLA Rachel Garcia 00

    Thanks JAD Watched UCLA VS ARIZONA the other day. 00 walks up to bat and hits a Home Run first time at bat. Then pitcher gets injured and Rachel starts pitching. Then up to bat again and hits another home run. very easy swing. the camera angle #2 showed how nice and easy it can be done Trying to...
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    Compression Testing

    Comments are not disabled on this Thread ;-)
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    Broke her bat last night.

    NW Chicagoland Time 7:45 pm Temp 35 deg F Happen to be watching as she swung and hit the ball and like a small explosion went off with pieces reaching out to the pitcher?... What the Heck? Pyroflite Microwaveable Bat Warmer had just arrived around 1200pm. 4:00PM 5 minutes in the microwave...
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    2017 Circle Time Stats

    Everyone can post in this thread. 12U DD on a C team mostly Rec players. Just finished this season. 1500 Pitches - (legal) ;-) 70 Innings 121 Strike Outs.
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    On ESPN now. Florida (1) vs Alabama (14)

    Gainesville Super Regional Best of 3 Game 1 should read 16 Alabama 1 Florida
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    Saw this on Twitter 2017.....(edited) Kim-berly‏ kimskrew99 Apr 10 More How are they not calling this a crow hop? She's clearly replanting that back foot. #illegalpitch #ncaa Softball #replanting #notdragging https://twitter.com/search?q=%23illegalpitch&src=typd re Thinking out...
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    2017 NCAA Bracket

    2017 Women's College World Series | NCAA.com http://i.turner.ncaa.com/sites/default/files/external/gametool/brackets/softball_d1_2017.pdf
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    The IP 2017

    martianr martianr is offline Softball DAD martianr's Avatar Join Date Jan 2014 Location Whiting, Iowa Posts 113 Thanks 3 Thanked 29 Times in 18 Posts Default Quote Originally Posted by WaNole View Post https://twitter.com/FloSoftball/statu...07136768401408 Replant But the so called TV...
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    Ole Miss vs LSU Softball 2017 SEC Softball Championship

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/TDUgRPJQLus" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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