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    Thoughts on the 2019 Louisville Slugger LXT?

    DD20 needs a new bat and I'm looking at getting her the 2019 Louisville Slugger LXT 33/24 (-9). Any thoughts comments about the LXT in general or this bat specifically? Thanks!
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    PGF 18U Championship Game Pitching?

    Did anyone else watch the PGF 18U championship game last Friday? One thing that jumped out at me was the pitching was very average and the batters were hitting the hell out of both teams pitchers. The pitching speed was mid to high 50's and lots and lots of ineffective low 40's change ups...
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    NCAA Division 1 Softball Regionals

    Good luck to your favorite teams playing over the next several weeks. Should be some great games and exciting time of year for watching high-level fastpitch! Go Pac 12!!!
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    Don't swing at a change-up with less than 2 strikes?

    Anyone agree with this advice? Like to hear your reasoning either way.
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    Best drills for getting more extension after point of contact?

    Right-handed batter DD tends to "pull off the ball" instead of driving through the ball with a full extension and thereby robbing her of some power. What are some of the drills and/cues you use to get better extension after contact?
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    Java clear you PM inbox

    Java - please clear your inbox so you can receive new messages. Thanks!
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    Wow, young pitchers need to deal with a lot!

    I think we forget how much new and/or young pitchers need to learn and do to be skilled at their position. No wonder most give up the position after a few shorts years. Below is a partial list: - they have to learn how to throw the ball underhand; - they have to windmill their throwing arm; -...
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    Oregon and Coach Mike White = Impressive.

    #5 Oregon looked very good against #2 FSU, sweeping the series this weekend. I was also very impressed with Mike White's coaching ability in extra innings. In the 3rd game, score tied 1-1 in the Top of 8th, he pulls the starter for a relief pitcher and she gives and up a few hits and...
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    Bush League or Smart Coaching?

    Last week, DD pitched in a HS JV game and the other team's 1st year head coach (coaching 3rd base) was telling her batters loudly where the catcher was setting up before every pitch. Did the HC cross the line or is this acceptable to you?
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    The unwritten rules of baseball/softball

    I don't know if you have been following the recent series between Boston Red Sox v. Baltimore Orioles but there was an incident that brought out the "unwriiten" rules of baseball. One of the Orioles players, Manny Machado, slide hard into 2nd base and injured a Red Sox fielder. After that...
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    It's not all about speed

    So freshman DD #1 JV pitcher just completed her 3rd preseason game in the circle and the AC pulls my wife aside as says "how come our other pitcher (#2) throws a little harder than your daughter but gives up many more hits?" My wife calmly explained to him that pitching is much more than speed...
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    It was a good ride....

    Well, the time has come where 14YO DD has decided she doesn't want to play softball in college and doesn't want to continue the grind of being on a college showcase travel ball team, so last week she told her coach she is hanging up the TB cleats at the end of December. She will still play HS...
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    A little SoCal softball humor

    So yesterday we arrive at the USA Preps Fastptich National Championships and my 10YO son looks at me and says "Dad, this can't be nationals, we're in Palmdale!" Backstory: for those not from this area, Palmdale/Lancaster is about 1.5 hours north of Los Angeles, semi desert dust bowl and in the...
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    How often should you be hitting a batter?

    This new season, DD has pitched 19 innings, 82 batters faced, 229 pitches thrown but does not have a HBP. I don't think this is a good thing as it says to me that she is not throwing tight and inside enough. Thoughts on an appropriate number of hit batters per game?
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    Can you legally step back when pitching HS?

    I thought I read somewhere where HS pitchers can either step back or start with their stride foot behind the pitching plate? If so, should my 14YO freshman do this even though she can't in TB the rest of the year.
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    The little things that make this sport great...

    So last night, DD had a pitching lesson and was using her new glove and when she came into the house after the lesson she put the glove down on the table (fingers down to preserve its shape). This little act put a smile on my face because I don't know how many seasons I have told her to not lay...
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    Do you really only need 1 pitcher in High School?

    Curious how many Varsity pitchers you carry in HS and how much circle time does #1 get? Locally, it seems that once the regular season starts the #1 gets 90% of the pitching time since they only play 1 or 2 games a week? The reason I ask is freshman DD wants to play Varsity this year but the...
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    Is releassing the top hand bad?

    My DD was at a tryout recently and the hitting coach corrected DD not to release the top hand after contact but instead to keep both hands on the bat? Her personal hitting coach has never had an issue with this technique. Some great MLB hitters have also released the top hand, have they not...
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    14U Tryouts Observations

    I wanted to share some observations about 2nd year 14U DD's most recent tryouts experience. Backstory: DD has played travel ball the past two years and the teams, coaches were a mixed bag so my goal this tryout season was to do my due diligence in an effort to place her on a team that would be...
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    Knuckle Drop Ball as Offspeed Pitch

    DD has been experimenting with an offspeed pitch (to compliment her change-up) where she takes her normal 4 seam drop ball grip but tucks her middle finger/knuckle on the ball. It takes about 5 mph off the drop ball but still has good downward movement. Anyone use or experiment with this? Her...

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