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    Riseball (thumb off grip)

    I was reviewing this old riseball thread: https://www.discussfastpitch.com/softball-pitching/31102-riseball-question-2.html Does anyone have a good picture of the thumb off grip that I could show DD for her to give it a try? Thanks, Josh
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    Redcord Workout

    DD wants to do the Redcord workout Java describes in the Drive Mechanics thread. The problem is I can't find a Redcord system anywhere. Has anyone used the TRX suspension system for the workout? Thanks, Josh
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    Pitching videos

    I wanted to post a few videos of regular motion since y’all took a look at the 2-step. Still need lots of work to get off by 3:00. I’m sure there are other things as well... Just for reference DD is 10...will turn 11 in a couple months. Josh https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dzsC0plnT9A...
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    Working on Drive (2-step)

    In an effort not to wear out Ken B, I thought I'd post a video here for feedback. DD (10) really needs to improve her drive so we've worked on the 2-step the last couple practices. We've watched Java's videos a few times but just not sure if she is doing the 2-step as it should be done. The...
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    Compression sleeve

    DD really likes to wear a compression sleeve. She has an evoshield youth size and it will not stay up longer than a few pitches before she has to pull it up. She is not a small 10yo. Is there another brand that someone has had better luck with?
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    In the "Unleashing the textbook riseball" thread Java wrote: "For what it's worth... I teach ALL spins from day 1.... I expect all students to be able to recognize and produce: 1) 6-12 2) 7-1 3) 7-1, yawed 4) bullet Then... 5) backspin 6) 9-3 And each has a GREAT use... " Is...

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