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  1. Doug Romrell

    Beginner pitching drills

    Baby-step walk-ins.
  2. Doug Romrell

    Finch video needed

    This broken record we hear every high school season drives me crazy! Why is it that these coaches feel the need to march up to pitchers who already have pitching coaches and procede to instruct pitchers on how to pitch?! Ignorance on parade! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PopN7NAVG8
  3. Doug Romrell

    IR..Bout to pull my hair out

    I'm late to the party. Boy, she's got a lot of good things happening, inspite of the bad things!
  4. Doug Romrell

    Working on 12-6 spin. Any drills?

    This is fantastic, Ken!
  5. Doug Romrell

    1st Post - new Poster

    So many there are who simply will not do this. Don't be one of those. Always be curious.
  6. Doug Romrell


    Certifications are an interesting concept. I would argue that "certification" doesn't necessarily translate into what you might think it does. Sure, you'll find SOME "certified" instructors who are good. But you will also find some "certified" instructors who are not so good. Further, just...
  7. Doug Romrell


    It's always great when Java roams the pitching halls of DFP.
  8. Doug Romrell

    the official “our High School Coach doesn’t have a clue about coaching” thread

    Cannonball, I can honestly say that you are the exception. And, there are few of them out there.
  9. Doug Romrell

    Anyone ever face this quandry?

    Well, how important is it that she play with this team? It's rare that there will be no reprecussions for her or you discussing this with the coach.
  10. Doug Romrell

    Change Up with IR/BI

    "The whole point in I/R and brush is to whip... the change should not have whip." James, I'm going to argue that you may have that whip with a knuckle-change, and it's even desirable with that pitch. While many experts abhor the knuckle-change, a main advantage is that you can throw it full...
  11. Doug Romrell

    Detachment and timing. Is 3:00 absolute?

    For me (my observations), detachment at roughly 3:00, if not an absolute to strive for, is pretty darned close to an absolute. Given the vast majority of young pitchers underutilize leg-thrust in their leg-drive (i.e., are stride-dominant rather than thrust-dominant), most detach well after 3:00.
  12. Doug Romrell

    Sarah Pauly Observation

    I don't see the shoelaces facing the catcher as an absolute must. For me, what matters more is what's happening at the hip. I often tweak the orientation of the drag leg to get what I'm looking for in that hip (or hip relative to forearm).
  13. Doug Romrell

    How to pick....coach

    Um... Terrible in what way?
  14. Doug Romrell

    Too young to explode off mound without a developed core?

    I'm not a fan of the down-on-one-knee isolation drill.
  15. Doug Romrell

    Rick and Sarah Pauly Pitching Clinic Fairmont MN Jan 11-12, 2019

    I'm just a regular fella... Just look for a bald guy with this branded on his forehead...
  16. Doug Romrell

    Some well wishes for a board member

    Yocoach...Best to you and your quick recovery!
  17. Doug Romrell

    11 year old dd has gone backwards pitching in the last few months

    In that second clip, she does show some real spunk in that arm-circle. Build around that as her current asset.
  18. Doug Romrell

    Turning the barrel 7

    It may not be in the spirit of this thread, but could you expand that clip just a bit so we can see the action just prior to what we see here?
  19. Doug Romrell

    Ok be gentle lol, looking for some pointers

    I agree with Ken. However, in my opinion, this would be an orientation that would be pretty close to optimal for her...

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